Shop Stewards Sample Clauses

Shop Stewards. The Employer agrees to the operation of a Shop Xxxxxxx system which shall be governed by the following:
Shop Stewards. 18.01 The Employer shall recognize two (2) Union Shop Stewards appointed and/or elected by the Union to represent employees in the bargaining unit. The Employer further recognizes the right of the Shop Stewards to oversee the terms of the Collective Agreement being implemented and to present complaints and/or grievances to management.
Shop Stewards. Article 3.01 The Union shall appoint a Shop Xxxxxxx or Stewards at each location considered necessary. In some instances where there is more than one (1) Shop Xxxxxxx, the Union may appoint a Chief Shop Xxxxxxx. The Union shall notify the local management of the Employer as to the names of each Xxxxxxx. The Employer shall likewise notify the Brotherhood as to the names and locations of each supervisor.
Shop Stewards. The Employer and the Union recognize that it is in the best interests of the Employer and the bargaining unit members to provide trained individuals to assist the members in resolving problems in the workplace. It is therefore agreed that the following procedures shall be followed in order to provide assistance to the members. The Union shall provide a listing of no more than three (3) official Union Stewards per addendum to the Human Resources Director. In the case of bargaining units with shift work, the Union will have no more than three (3) Union stewards on each shift. Any change in the status of a Union Xxxxxxx or the replacement of an official Union Xxxxxxx shall be provided to the Human Resources Director after a change has been made. The function of Stewards are to represent and/or serve as witnesses for bargaining unit members in disciplinary meetings in which the member reasonably believes will culminate in disciplinary actions, assisting members in making determinations relative to the grievability of issues, drafting grievances and in presenting grievance cases to management. Each Xxxxxxx will be allowed reasonable time during working hours, without loss of pay or leave, for the purposes of representing members and discussing grievances or potential grievances in the appropriate area represented by the Xxxxxxx. Reasonable time means not more than three (3) hours per week unless additional time is granted by management. Stewards shall have reasonable access to copy machines, telephones, fax machines and other electronic communication devices for grievance handling needs. In addition to the above responsibilities, the function of the Chief Xxxxxxx is to represent the Union officials and to give advice and assistance to Line Stewards. The Chief Xxxxxxx shall observe the same guidelines as the Line Xxxxxxx. The Chief Xxxxxxx shall not be included in the official count of stewards. Any time spent by a Line Xxxxxxx to the Chief Xxxxxxx participating in any type of investigation or meeting called by management shall not be counted as a portion of the time granted to the Xxxxxxx to perform his/her duties. It is agreed that the time during working hours granted to a Xxxxxxx pursuant to this Agreement shall not be used for discussing any matters connected with the operation of the Union, the collection of dues or assessments, or the solicitation of Union literature unless such literature pertains to the resolution of grievances. Notification By Stewards...
Shop Stewards. (a) There shall be a Shop Xxxxxxx appointed, if the Union so wishes, to see whether the members of the Union and the Employer live up to the provisions of this Agreement, and to report any infractions of such provisions to the Manager, who shall promptly deal with same. Such Shop Xxxxxxx shall be appointed by the Union and shall be an employee of the place in which he is a Xxxxxxx. There shall be no discrimination against the Shop Xxxxxxx for lawful Union activities.
Shop Stewards. 33.2.1 An employee appointed shop xxxxxxx, whether a member of the union or not, in the factory/section/workplace in which they are employed will upon notification to the employer, be recognised as the accredited representative of the employees. The accredited shop xxxxxxx will be allowed the necessary time during working hours to interview the employer or their representative on matters affecting employees whom they represent.
Shop Stewards. An employee elected as a shop xxxxxxx/delegate shall upon notification by the union to the enterprise, be recognized as the accredited representative of the Union and be allowed reasonable time during working hours to submit to the union matters affecting the employees. Further the shop xxxxxxx will be allowed reasonable time during working hours to attend to job matters affecting the union and employees or members. Where a shop xxxxxxx believes it is necessary to call a stop work meeting they must make all reasonable attempts to notify the enterprise, the principal contractors representative and the union prior to calling the meeting. The parties accept that working shop stewards are able to play a useful role in the workplace. Prior to dismissal or transfer the Enterprise will give two days written notice to any shop xxxxxxx and the union. Payment in lieu of notice will not be given. In the event of the union disputing the decision of the enterprise to transfer or dismiss a shop xxxxxxx he/she will remain on the job during which time the matter will be dealt with in accordance with the dispute settlement procedure in this agreement. Provided further that nothing in this clause will prevent the Enterprise from dismissing a person for refusal of duty, or otherwise as provided by the Award.
Shop Stewards. 16.01 The Co-operative agrees to recognize all Shop Xxxxxxxx appointed and/or elected by the Union for the purpose of overseeing the terms of the Collective Agreement being implemented and for the purpose of presenting complaints and/or grievances to management.
Shop Stewards. (1) An employer shall recognise the right of the Trade Union to have shop stewards elected by its members at his establishment.
Shop Stewards. (a) The Union shall appoint from among the employees, and the Employer shall recognize, Shop Stewards in each of the Employer's operations. The duties of the Shop Xxxxxxx shall be to assist in the reporting and resolution of all grievances as well as disseminating bona fide information of the Union to the employees.