Authorized Services Sample Clauses

Authorized Services. The County shall pay the Contractor only for authorized services provided in accordance with this Contract. If this Contract is terminated for any reason, the County shall pay only for services authorized and provided through the date of termination.
Authorized Services. SCDDO hereby agrees the Community Service Provider is authorized to provide and request reimbursement directly from SCDDO, the Managed Care Organization (“MCO”) or the Medicaid intermediary for the following program services: «Authorized_HCBSMR_Waiver_Services»
Authorized Services. The Physicians shall only submit invoices to WorkSafeBC for authorized Services provided to an Injured Worker as described and in compliance with the B.C. Medical Services Plan Fee Schedule and Schedules A, B, C, and D of this Agreement. All exceptions shall be referred to the Liaison Committee.
Authorized Services. In addition to the services required to be provided by Operator pursuant to Section 2.01 above, Operator is authorized, but not required, to provide, the following Services and to engage in the following activities:
Authorized Services. Consultant shall perform only the Services authorized by this Contract. Additional Services (as defined in Exhibit A) will be compensated only as authorized in writing by District. District will not, in any event, pay for Additional Services made necessary by Consultant or any subconsultant mistakes.
Authorized Services. Digimarc will perform services for Nielsen relating to the CIMR Products and Services (the “Digimarc Services”), including research, development, engineering, quality assurance, market research and development, strategic planning, strategy development, business development, preparing, obtaining and maintaining patents, project management, reporting, and such other services or activities as the parties may mutually agree. Digimarc will perform the Digimarc Services in good faith and with a reasonable standard of quality, but in no event with a standard of quality less than that Digimarc employs for services Digimarc performs for itself. The Digimarc Services shall not include any time or labor spent by Digimarc in its own strategic planning or the management of its own organization, outside of the management of the specific activities to be conducted as part of such Services.
Authorized Services. Those cellular telecommunications services which Carrier may now or hereafter lawfully provide on an interconnected basis, interfacing with Company's Operating Area (COA) network.
Authorized Services. WorkSafeBC shall compensate the Physicians in accordance with the B.C. Medical Services Plan Fee Schedule and Schedules A, B, C, and D of this Agreement for providing Services to Injured Workers and only if the Services are authorized by WorkSafeBC and the Physician has provided the Services in compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or where the Physician has entered into an agreement with WorkSafeBC directly for personal Services or Sessional Services, in compliance with that agreement.
Authorized Services. Those Services provided by SBMS that AGENT is ------------------- authorized hereunder to sell on behalf of SBMS, including CRS and any other Services set forth on Exhibit "A" hereto, which shall be amended, from time to time, as determined by SBMS in its sole discretion.
Authorized Services. Covered Services for which authorization has been given by BCBSM in accordance with the terms of a Member’s Certificate.