Operation Sample Clauses

Operation. The ISO shall maintain the safety and the short-term reliability of the NYS Power System, including the implementation of emergency procedures consistent with the Reliability Rules. The ISO shall exercise Operational Control over Transmission Facilities Under ISO Operational Control. The ISO OATT and the ISO Services Tariff will require those entities having a Service Agreement with the ISO to comply with the Reliability Rules and ISO Procedures regarding the reliability of the NYS Power System and to furnish data to the ISO as required. The ISO will require and obtain by contract or tariff sufficient control over Generators, transmission facilities, and other NYS Power System facilities necessary for the reliable and efficient operation of the NYS Power System.
Operation. The Owner will not maintain, use, service, repair, overhaul or operate the Aircraft (or permit any Lessee to maintain, use, service, repair, overhaul or operate the Aircraft) in violation of any law or any rule, regulation, order or certificate of any government or governmental authority (domestic or foreign) having jurisdiction, or in violation of any airworthiness certificate, license or registration relating to the Aircraft issued by any such authority, except to the extent the Owner (or, if a Lease is then in effect, any Lessee) is contesting in good faith the validity or application of any such law, rule, regulation or order in any reasonable manner which does not materially adversely affect the first priority Lien of this Trust Indenture and does not involve any material risk of sale, forfeiture or loss of the Aircraft. The Owner will not operate the Aircraft, or permit any Lessee to operate the Aircraft, in any area excluded from coverage by any insurance required by the terms of Section 7.04; provided, however, that the failure of the Owner to comply with the provisions of this sentence shall not give rise to an Event of Default hereunder where such failure is attributable to causes beyond the reasonable control of the Owner (or any Lessee) or to extraordinary circumstances involving an isolated occurrence or series of incidents not in the ordinary course of the regular operations of the Owner (or any Lessee) and in each such case the Owner (or such Lessee, as the case may be) is taking all reasonable steps to remedy such failure as soon as is reasonably practicable. The Indenture Trustee, upon compliance with all of the terms of Section 8(f) of the Participation Agreement, shall, at the request and sole expense of the Owner, cooperate with the Owner to take all actions required to change the registration of the Aircraft to another country.
Operation. Operation of the Utility Money Pool, including record keeping and coordination of loans, will be handled by Ameren Services under the authority of the appropriate officers of the Parties. Ameren Services shall be responsible for the determination of all applicable interest rates and charges to be applied to advances outstanding at any time hereunder, shall maintain records of all advances, interest charges and accruals and interest and principal payments for purposes hereof, and shall prepare periodic reports thereof for the Parties. Ameren Services will administer the Utility Money Pool on an "at cost" basis. Separate records shall be kept by Ameren Services for the Utility Money Pool established by this agreement and any other money pool administered by Ameren Services.
Operation. Meetings of JADRC shall be held as needed. A meeting shall be called within twenty (20) days of the written request of either party unless mutually agreed otherwise. A minimum of six (6) representatives with equal representation from the Common Parties will constitute a quorum. JADRC will set its own procedures and protocols. All decisions of JADRC will be mutual decisions between the Parties and will be recorded or confirmed in writing.
Operation. The expiration, cancellation or other termination of this Agreement shall not affect those provisions of this Agreement which expressly provide that they will operate after such expiration, cancellation or other termination or which of necessity must continue to endure after such expiration, cancellation or other termination, notwithstanding that the relevant clause may not expressly provide for such continuation.
Operation. Lessee agrees not to operate, use or locate the Aircraft, the Airframe or any Engine, or allow the Aircraft, the Airframe or any Engine to be operated, used or located (a) in any area excluded from coverage by any insurance required by the terms of Section 11, except in the case of a requisition by the U.S. Government where Lessee obtains an indemnity in lieu of such insurance from the U.S. Government, or insurance from the U.S. Government, covering such area, in accordance with Section 11.3 or (b) in any recognized area of hostilities unless fully covered in accordance with Annex D by war-risk insurance as required by the terms of Section 11 (including, without limitation, Section 11.3), unless in any case referred to in this Section 7.1.5 the Aircraft is only temporarily operated, used or located in such area as a result of an emergency, equipment malfunction, navigational error, hijacking, weather condition or other similar unforeseen circumstances, so long as Lessee diligently and in good faith proceeds to remove the Aircraft from such area.
Operation the Customer shall maintain adequate security measures to protect the product from theft, vandalism, sabotage, fire, industrial accidents and other accidents. If the Customer personnel have not operated the product before, or are determined to be unqualified by EDDYFI, at EDDYFI’s sole discretion, EDDYFI may require that the Customer personnel take a detailed training course. The location and costs for training will be at the Customer’s expense. The Customer shall reimburse and/ or indemnify EDDYFI for any product damage.
Operation. Borrower shall, and shall cause Manager to, (i) promptly perform and/or observe all of the covenants and agreements required to be performed and observed by it under the Management Agreement and do all things necessary to preserve and to keep unimpaired its material rights thereunder; (ii) promptly notify Lender of any “event of default” under the Management Agreement of which it is aware; (iii) enforce in a commercially reasonable manner the performance and observance of all of the covenants and agreements required to be performed and/or observed by the Manager under the Management Agreement.