Current Sample Clauses

Current. In-Force NFIP Flood Map Panel Company will identify the Current-In-Force NFIP Flood Map Panel consisting of the full eleven digit FEMA map number and panel date.
Current. In-Force NFIP Community Status Information Company will supply Current-In-Force NFIP Community Status Information consisting of NFIP Community Number, Program or Suspension/Sanction Date, and NFIP Program Status (Emergency, Regular, Non-Participating, Suspended/Sanctioned).
Current. The Physician shall use the electronic payment system for invoicing as specified by WorkSafeBC. The current system available for electronic submission of invoices is the Medical Services Plan (MSP) Teleplan system, unless the Injured Worker does not possess a valid Personal Health Number (PHN). WorkSafeBC may exempt specific Physicians from this requirement where compliance is not possible. WorkSafeBC shall be responsible for the administration and transaction costs for Teleplan. Teleplan administration and transaction fees shall be paid by WorkSafeBC.
Current a status designated to employees who have complied with the terms of this Policy and who are therefore eligible for dispatch without further conditions.
Current. Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee DEVELOPING • District Transition Coordinator post-secondary careerArtists in Residence Program • Parent Focus Group • Aboriginal Coordinator’s membership - Fraser Valley Siya:ye Yoyes Committee • Aboriginal Full-Day Kindergarten Program • Aboriginal Support Workers - district-wide role/school caseloads • Aboriginal Youth Leadership ConferenceEvening tutoring program open to all Aboriginal students • Fast track psych-ed testing and speech-language assessments • District Literacy Support Teacher modelLending library - Elementary Aboriginal Education book bin kits, Aboriginal Novel kits, Button Blanket Math Kit • T & E (Teaching and Evaluation Center – Aboriginal focus in opportunities – Aboriginal focus • District Satisfaction Survey Data (safety) • Increase work-experience opportunities for Aboriginal students (transitions portfolio) • Student Satisfaction survey for Secondary Aboriginal students • Evaluation forms for field trips and presenters (teacher feedback) • Formalize coordination with Staff Development Department regarding numeracy and literacy initiativesLeadership opportunities for students e.g. tutoring, mentoring, event assistance • Satisfaction survey results from cultural presentations • Aboriginal student tracking (BCeSIS – e.g. attendance, Fast ForWord program) • Parent Focus Group annual cultural celebration in June - (The Gathering) • Unveiling ceremoniesformal unveiling of Aboriginal art • First Nations 12 course - onlineDistribute Aboriginal art work for display in district schools – to increase Aboriginal presence • Talking Stick (Newsletter for Aboriginal families) • District-Wide Invitation for Proposals for Aboriginal-focused initiatives • Grade 2 Language screeningHome visits - Aboriginal Youth Workers achievement) • Expand Aboriginal recognition – e.g. award ceremony, graduation scarves • Improve website and access to Aboriginal program informationIntensive Case Management (K-10 focus) • Professional development opportunities for staff of Kwitwetlem • Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement - implementation First Nations
Current. PROPOSED: --------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- For the U.S. Government Obligations Fund: The Fund may not purchase or sell FUNDAMENTAL RESTRICTION -- COMMODITIES commodities, commodity contracts (including The Fund may not purchase or sell physical futures contracts), direct participation in commodities unless acquired as a result of oil, gas, or mineral exploration or ownership of securities or other development programs, or real estate. instruments. FUNDAMENTAL RESTRICTION -- REAL ESTATE The Fund may not purchase or sell real estate unless acquired as a result of ownership of securities or other instruments.
Current. Contract of Care” is included in this agreement and will apply.
Current. The City shall pay 100% of the individual employee monthly premiums and 75% of the retiree’s dependent coverage for employees who retired directly from the City with an unreduced pension and retired prior to or on May 31, 2013. Employees who are hired prior to December 22, 2015, upon direct retirement with an unreduced pension, the City will pay 85% of the total monthly insurance premium regardless of plan or tier (employee, child(ren), spouse or family) coverage. The employee will pay 15% of the total monthly insurance premium. Employees who are hired on or after December 22, 2015, upon direct retirement with an unreduced pension, the City will pay 80% of the total monthly individual insurance premium. The City will not contribute towards dependent coverage. The employee/retiree will have the option to purchase dependent coverage under the City’s group rate plan at full cost to the employee/retiree. The City of Dover’s General Employee Pension Plan ordinance as stated on July 1, 2007 shall determine retirement eligibility and qualifications for a reduced or unreduced pension for all employees who occupy a position that the DOE represents, regardless of the employee’s pension plan membership (Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution). “Retire directly from the City” shall be defined as no lapses in last date of employment and first date of retirement eligibility whether on such date employee is active or inactive. (Inactive defined as approved leave of absence or terminal leave.) Employees not eligible for health care upon retirement shall be given the opportunity to purchase health care at the City’s group rates. If any reduction is made in the active employee’s cost-sharing formula as described above, the City will give consideration to an identical change for existing retirees.
Current. The registered office of Corporation (the “Corporation”) will be in the City of Richmond, Virginia and the name of the registered agent in charge thereof is the agent named in the Certificate of Incorporation.