Supervising physician definition

Supervising physician means any physician licensed under Iowa Code chapter 148, 150, or 150A. The supervising physician is responsible for medical direction of emergency medical care personnel when such personnel are providing emergency medical care.
Supervising physician means an individual who:
Supervising physician means a physician who, pursuant to a duly executed written guideline or protocol as hereinafter defined, has agreed to supervise a pharmacist and is the physician responsible for the overall management and supervision for the activities of the pharmacist as is directly related to patients receiving medications or disease management services under the protocol.

Examples of Supervising physician in a sentence

  • Supervising physician means a full licensee who supervises a physician assistant.

  • Diagnostic tests (as established through program instructions) person- ally performed by a physical therapist who is certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties as a qualified electrophysiologic clinical specialist and permitted to provide the service under State law.(b) Supervising physician.

  • Supervising physician means a physi- cian that is immediately available and accessible for medical consultations and medical emergencies at all times items and services are being furnishedunder the PR program.(b) Beneficiaries ho may be covered.

  • Supervising physician means a licensed physician who is registered by the Board to supervise a physician assistant.

  • Supervising physician anesthesiologists, and CRNAs, report up to the AIC within the departmental chain of command.

More Definitions of Supervising physician

Supervising physician means a member of the Medical Staff with clinical privileges, who has agreed in writing to supervise or collaborate with a Category II or Category III practitioner and to accept full responsibility for the actions of the Category II or Category III practitioner while he or she is practicing in the Hospital.
Supervising physician means a sponsoring or alternate physician providing clinical oversight for a physician assistant.
Supervising physician means a doctor of medicine or a doctor of osteopathic medicine who holds an unrestricted license from the Board, who is in the full-time practice of medicine, and who has been approved by the Board to supervise physician assistants.
Supervising physician means the physician designated by the facility/owner to:
Supervising physician means an M.D. or D.O. licensed by the state of Vermont who oversees and accepts responsibility for the medical care provided by a physician assistantPractice agreement” means an agreement that meets the requirements of section 1735a of this chapter.
Supervising physician means a physician who holds a current
Supervising physician means an M.D. or D.O. licensed by the