Such Underwriter Sample Clauses

Such Underwriter. (i) has only communicated or caused to be communicated and will only communicate or cause to be communicated any invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity, within the meaning of section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (the “FSMA”), received by it in connection with the issue or sale of any Offered Certificates in circumstances in which section 21(1) of the FSMA does not apply to the Depositor; and

Related to Such Underwriter

  • Underwriter No action taken pursuant to this Section shall relieve any defaulting U.S. Underwriter from liability in respect of its default. In the event of any such default which does not result in a termination of this Agreement or, in the case of a Date of Delivery which is after the Closing Time, which does not result in a termination of the obligation of the U.S. Underwriters to purchase and the Company to sell the relevant U.S. Option Securities, as the case may be, either the U.S. Representatives or the Company shall have the right to postpone Closing Time or the relevant Date of Delivery, as the case may be, for a period not exceeding seven days in order to effect any required changes in the Registration Statement or Prospectus or in any other documents or arrangements. As used herein, the term "U.S. Underwriter" includes any person substituted for a U.S. Underwriter under this Section 10.

  • Offering by Underwriter It is understood that the Underwriter proposes to offer the Offered Securities for sale to the public as set forth in the Final Prospectus.

  • Offering by Underwriters It is understood that the several Underwriters propose to offer the Securities for sale to the public as set forth in the Prospectus.

  • Underwriters The copies of the Registration Statement and each amendment thereto furnished to the U.S. Underwriters will be identical to the electronically transmitted copies thereof filed with the Commission pursuant to EDGAR, except to the extent permitted by Regulation S-T.

  • Issuer-Directed Offering; No Underwriter Subscriber understands that the offering is being conducted by the Company directly (issuer-directed) and the Company has not engaged a selling agent such as an underwriter or placement agent.

  • Qualified Independent Underwriter The Company hereby confirms that at its request J.P. Morgan Securities LLC has, without compensation, acted as “qualified independent underwriter” (in such capacity, the “QIU”) within the meaning of Rule 5121 of the Rules of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. in connection with the offering of the Offered Securities. The Company and each Guarantor jointly and severally will indemnify and hold harmless the QIU, its directors, officers, employees and agents and each person, if any, who controls the QIU within the meaning of Section 15 of the Act or Section 20 of the Exchange Act against any and all losses, claims, damages or liabilities, joint or several, to which the QIU may become subject, under the Act, the Exchange Act, other federal or state statutory law or regulation or otherwise, insofar as such losses, claims, damages or liabilities (or actions in respect thereof) arise out of or are based upon the QIU’s acting (or alleged failing to act) as such “qualified independent underwriter” and will reimburse the QIU for any legal or other expenses reasonably incurred by the QIU in connection with investigating or defending any such loss, claim, damage, liability or action as such expenses are incurred. The indemnity provisions contained in this Section 8 shall remain operative and in full force and effect regardless of (i) any termination of this Agreement and (ii) acceptance of and payment for any of the Offered Securities.

  • Selection of Underwriter If the Demanding Holders so elect, the offering of Registrable Securities pursuant to a Demand Registration shall be in the form of an Underwritten Offering. The Demanding Holders shall select one or more nationally recognized firms of investment bankers to act as the managing Underwriter or Underwriters in connection with such offering and shall select any additional investment bankers and managers to be used in connection with such offering; provided that such investment bankers and managers must be reasonably satisfactory to the Company. The Company shall (together with all Holders of Registrable Securities proposing to distribute such Registrable Securities through such underwriting) enter into an underwriting agreement in customary form with the underwriter or underwriters selected for such underwriting in the manner set forth above.

  • Relationship Among Underwriters and Selected Dealers We shall have full authority to take such actions as we deem advisable in all matters pertaining to any Offering under this Master SDA. You are not authorized to act as an agent for us, any Underwriter or the Issuer or other Seller of any Securities in offering Securities to the public or otherwise. Neither we nor any Underwriter will be under any obligation to you except for obligations assumed hereby or in any Wire from us in connection with any Offering, and no obligations on our part as the Manager will be implied hereby or inferred herefrom. Nothing contained in this Master SDA or any Wire shall constitute the Selected Dealers an association or partners with us or any Underwriter or with one another, and the obligations of you and each of the other Selected Dealers or any of the Underwriters are several and not joint. If the Selected Dealers, among themselves, with us or with the Underwriters, should be deemed to constitute a partnership for federal income tax purposes, then you elect to be excluded from the application of Subchapter K, Chapter 1, Subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and agree not to take any position inconsistent with such election. You authorize the Manager, in its discretion, to execute on your behalf such evidence of such election as may be required by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. In connection with any Offering, you will be liable for your proportionate share of the amount of any tax, claim, demand or liability that may be asserted against you alone or against one or more Selected Dealers participating in such Offering, or against us or the Underwriters, based upon the claim that the Selected Dealers, or any of them, constitute an association, an unincorporated business or other entity, including, in each case, your proportionate share of the amount of any expense (including attorneys’ fees and expenses) incurred in defending against any such tax, claim, demand or liability.

  • Offering by the Underwriter It is understood that the Underwriter proposes to offer the Offered Certificates of the related Series for sale to the public as set forth in the related Prospectus.

  • Designation of Underwriter In the case of any registration effected pursuant to Section 2.3, the Company shall have the right to designate the managing underwriters in any underwritten offering, subject to the prior written approval of the Major Shareholders that hold a majority of the Registrable Securities held by the Initiating Holders, in each case, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. In the case of any registration initiated by the Company, the Company shall have the right to designate the managing underwriter in any underwritten offering.