Rental Agreements Sample Clauses

Rental Agreements. Client files must contain one of the following types of agreements if rent assistance is paid on their behalf. Lease At a minimum, the lease or rent agreement between the lead/subgrantee and the landlord or the household and the landlord must contain the following:  Name of tenant  Name of landlord  Address of rental property  Occupancy (who gets to live at the rental)  Term of agreement (lease start and end date)  Rent rate and date due  Deposits (if any and what for/term)  Signature of tenant/date  Signature of landlord/date Certification of Payment Obligation A CHG Certification of Payment Obligation form is required for rent subsidies paid to a friend or family member who is not in the business of property management. The CHG Certification of Payment Obligation form must be kept in the client file.
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Rental Agreements. 1. Landlord agrees to exclusively use the standard BYU-Idaho Student Landlord Housing Contract and an approved addendum for all student rental contract periods; 2. Any addendum to the BYU-Idaho Student Landlord Housing Contract must be reviewed and approved by the BYU-Idaho Housing & Student Living Office. Once approved, subsequent changes to an addendum may not be incorporated into the contract until approval is granted in writing by the Housing & Student Living Office. Only an approved addendum may be used in the BYU-Idaho Student Landlord Housing Contract. The addendum cannot change, amend or otherwise alter any of the terms of the BYU-Idaho Student Landlord Housing Contract, nor may it supersede the contract. 3. Landlord agrees to allow students to occupy apartments according to semester dates as established by BYU-Idaho; 4. Landlord recognizes that it has the sole obligation to collect rents and fees. In cases where repeated efforts have failed, Landlord may utilize the Rent Collections Process available through the Housing & Student Living Office. E.
Rental Agreements. (a) All Rental Agreements shall be held by the Loan Parties at one or more locations as directed by the Lead Borrower and (ii) the Loan Parties shall use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain customary measures consistent with past practice with respect to access to, and security of such Rental Agreements.
Rental Agreements. The prior Operator prepared and submitted to Owner for its approval and Owner has approved said rental agreements which shall be used by Operator for the property. If Operator desires to change the approved rental agreements, Operator shall seek Owner’s comments and approval of the terms and conditions thereof. Owner’s approval of the proposed rental agreements shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Rental Agreements. When requested, and only for good cause, PHA may accept a rent agreement in lieu of rent.
Rental Agreements. Program membership does not guarantee your ability to rent vehicles from Administrator's affiliates or licensees. All rentals remain subject and subordinate to availability and any applicable qualifications and rental conditions. For example, the minimum age to rent may vary by country. See rental policies for renting location. In addition, all reservation requests are non-binding for the Member and the corresponding affiliate or licensee of Administrator. There is no no-show penalty for the Member (except Fixed Based Operator deliveries); the corresponding affiliate or licensee of Administrator is also not required to keep the vehicle available.
Rental Agreements. In certain cases, we may elect to require a supplemental Rental Agreement with your Listing that includes all or part of the Description including a listing of any Amenities and any additional terms and conditions. Where required, the Rental Agreement will incorporate this Agreement and supplement and be a part of the binding agreement between you and a Tenant. Except where approved by Xxxxxx, Rental Agreements with supplemental clauses may not impose rules or limitations on use that are materially different than those listed in the Description, include any additional contractual obligations, or alter Tenants’ or Providers’ liabilities.
Rental Agreements. 8.1 AMT acknowledges and agrees that it has seen a copy of the Rental Agreements and undertakes to comply with the terms thereof as if they formed part of this Agreement and in particular AMT will reimburse AVP all rental payments made by AVP to AMC and BDDA respectively pursuant to the Rental Agreements within [**] days of receipt of an invoice therefore from AVP which attaches the corresponding AMC or BDDA invoice to AVP.
Rental Agreements. Operator shall enter into written and signed rental agreements with Xxxxxx tenants. The form of agreement shall be reviewed and approved in advance, and in writing, by the City. A sample agreement is provided in Attachment 4, Slip Assignment Agreement.
Rental Agreements. All event documents must be signed and returned with deposit no later than 6 months4 weeks prior to the event for FAH Mainstage, all three FAH Spaces, or LyceumrentalLyceum rental and 2 weeks prior to the event for FAH Lobby or FAH Multi‐Purpose room rental, or College reserves the right to cancel the event. Renters must submit deposit, proof of insurance, proof of tax‐exempt status, and all event documents. * In some special circumstances, the president or his designee is authorized to modify or waive fees for specific events or users when college purposes are advanced. In the event a fee waiver or modification is granted, a statement of justification is filed with the approved application. Deposit A deposit is required at the time the event documents are signed and returned. The deposit is equal to the estimated cost of facility use. . Rental deposits can be made with check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express. Cash payments cannot be accepted.