Your Home definition

Your Home means your residential address, shown on your schedule.How we will deal with a complaint
Your Home means the property let subject to these rules and includes any garden, path, shed or other outbuilding let with your home. Any garage, parking space, hard standing or shed let under separate licence agreement, is not included.
Your Home. All parts of the Property as specified in the Particulars.

Examples of Your Home in a sentence

  • Loss or damage to any Insured Property removed from Your Home to any other place.

  • Lessee has received the pamphlet Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home.

  • NATURAL DISASTER EVACUATION We will pay, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits, for all reasonable Natural Disaster Evacuation expenses and Related Costs incurred for Your transportation, if You must interrupt Your Trip for a covered Natural Disaster Event and while traveling outside Your Home Country.

  • In a Provider’s Office/In Your Home This plan covers individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and family therapy when rendered by: • Board certified psychiatrists; • Licensed clinical psychologists; • Clinical social workers (licensed or certified at the independent practice level); • Advance practice nurses/clinical nurse specialists; • Licensed mental health counselors; and • Licensed marriage and family therapists.

  • Any addition, extension, or alteration to any structure of Your Home Building that increases its Carpet Area by more than 10% of the Carpet Area existing at the Commencement Date or on the date of renewal of this Policy, unless You have paid additional premium and such addition, extension or alteration is added by Endorsement.

More Definitions of Your Home

Your Home means the place where a Covered Person maintains independent residence. It does not mean a nursing facility, Hospital or other institutional setting. BENEFITS HOME HEALTH CARE BENEFIT If, while this Policy is in force, a Covered Person requires Home Health Care provided by an Approved Home Health Care Practitioner as a result of any one Injury or Sickness, subject to the eligibility conditions below, we will pay a daily benefit for each day such care is provided. The amount of the daily benefit for all Home Health Care services for any one day will be the lesser of: (a) the Daily Maximum Aggregate Benefit shown on the Insured Schedule; or (b) the amount set forth opposite the Home Health Care Services listed below: Home Health Care Services Daily Benefit Skilled Nursing Care (provided by a licensed graduate nurse - R.N.) $75.00 General Nursing Care (provided by a licensed practical nurse - L.P.N., licensed vocational nurse - L.V.N. or licensed visiting nurse) $60.00 Physical Therapy $75.00 Speech Pathology $75.00 Occupational Therapy $75.00 Chemotherapy Specialist Services $60.00 Enterostomal Therapy $50.00 Respiration Therapy $50.00 Medical Social Services $100.00 The number of days the Home Health Care Benefit is payable will not exceed the Maximum Benefit Period shown on the Insured Schedule. HOME HEALTH CARE AIDE BENEFIT If, while this Policy is in force, a Covered Person requires the services of a Home Health Care Aide, subject to the eligibility conditions below, we will pay a daily benefit in the amount shown on the Insured Schedule for each day such services are provided in Your Home. The number of days the Home Health Care Aide Benefit is payable will not exceed the Maximum Benefit Period shown on the Insured Schedule.
Your Home means Your primary residence including Your living quarters in a continuing care retirement community or similar entity. It does not include a Nursing Home, an Assisted Living Facility, an Alzheimer’s facility, an Adult Day Care Center, a rest home, a hospital or rehabilitation facility/hospital, or a facility for the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction or mental illness.
Your Home here means your last known address;
Your Home means the accommodation you will live in and any garden, shed, garage, outbuilding, path, driveway or defined boundary belonging to the property. The wordscommunal areas’ means shared entrances, halls, stairways, passages, yards and any other access ways leading to and from your home.
Your Home or “the property” means the home at the address shown above and includes any garden (but not communal garden), balcony, outbuilding, shed, fence or wall let with it. Tenancy start date The tenancy commences on Date and will be for an initial term of one week continuing weekly thereafter until determined in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. It is a Non-Secure tenancy by virtue of Schedule 1 paragraph 4 of the Housing Xxx 0000, and the tenancy’s terms are set out in this agreement. The Head Landlord has created a lease between the Head Landlord and the Landlord for your home for use as temporary housing accommodation. The lease contains a provision allowing the Head Landlord to obtain vacant possession from the Landlord on the expiry of a specified period or when required by the Head Landlord. The Head Landlord is not a body capable of granting a secure or non-secure tenancy Payments for your home Weekly rent £ Service charge items £ -------------- Total weekly payment £ -------------- It is a term of this tenancy that you (or anyone acting for you) have not induced us to grant you this tenancy by knowingly or recklessly making a false statement to us. This agreement contains the terms and obligations of the tenancy. You should read it carefully to ensure that it contains nothing that you are not prepared to agree to. If you do not understand this agreement or anything in it, it is strongly suggested you ask for it to be explained to you before you sign it. If English is not your first language please ask for the agreement to be translated for you. You might consider consulting a solicitor, Citizen Advice Bureau or Housing Advice Centre. I have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions of this tenancy agreement. In the case of a joint tenancy, each of you must sign Signed by the tenant ………………………………………….. dated …………………. Signed by the tenant ………………………………………….. dated …………………. Signed on behalf of the Council as Landlord………………….. and dated ……...……………………………… PRINT NAME………………………………………………… POSITION: ……………………………………………………….. The Tenancy Terms What we must do as your landlord
Your Home means your residential address, shown on your schedule.
Your Home means the part of the building where you live, and that is available only to you and your household. It does not mean any of the communal areas that you may use in the building where you live.