Playground definition

Playground means a public outdoor recreation area for children, usually equipped with swings, slides, and other playground equipment, owned and/or managed by a city, county, state, or federal government.
Playground means any park or Recreational Area designated in part to be used by children that has play or sports equipment installed or has been designated or landscaped for play or sports activities, or any similar facility located on public or private school grounds, or on County property.
Playground means a piece of land owned or

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Change in Business: Pre and Post COVID-19  FVRL is well known for Playground material, which include many non- traditional collections and services such as: ukuleles, robots, telescopes, birdwatching backpacks etc.

Playground surfacing—specifications, requirements and test method.

Matthew’s Photographs of Various Balls in the Playground 45 Figure 11.

Playground provision has also been assessed in more comprehensive approaches, described in terms of ‘spatial equity’ (Talen & Anselin, 1998; Smoyer-Tomic et al., 2004), and ‘spatial accessibility’ (Hewko et al., 2002).

However Playground to Podium and Talent 2012 have both been discontinued with no future programmes specifically targeted at identifying and nurturing disabled athletes from school to elite level yet identified.

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Playground means any park or recreational area specifically designed to be used by children that has play equipment installed, including public grounds designed for athletic activities such as baseball, football, soccer, or basketball, or any similar facility located on public or private school grounds, or on city or county parks.
Playground means any public outdoor area set aside for recreation and play and includes any area with playground equipment including, but not limited to, swings, slides, sandboxes, seesaws.
Playground means any land used for the purpose of recreation or field games and not operated for profit.
Playground means any outdoor facility that is not on the premises of a school and that:
Playground means any park or recreational area
Playground means any facility intended for recreation, open to the public, and with any portion of the facility that contains one or more separate apparatus intended for the recreation of children, including, but not limited to, sliding boards, swingsets, and teeterboards.
Playground means land within the City and controlled by the City upon which apparatus such as swings and slides are placed;