Nursing facility definition

Nursing facility means an institution as defined in Iowa Code chapter 135C. This definition does not include acute care settings.
Nursing facility means a place, however named, or an identifiable unit or distinct part thereof that provides 24-hour inresident nursing, therapeutic, restorative or preventive and supportive nursing care services for two (2) or more residents unrelated by blood or marriage whose condition requires continuous nursing care and supervision.
Nursing facility means any place or facility operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, caring for six or more individuals not related within the third degree of relationship to the administrator or owner by blood or marriage and who, due to functional impairments, need skilled nursing care to compensate for activities of daily living limitations.

Examples of Nursing facility in a sentence

  • The PH-MCO must abide by the decision of the Functional Eligibility Determination process determination letter related to the need for Nursing Facility services.

  • The Department will not enroll Recipients who are placed into a Nursing Facility and who were not previously enrolled in the HealthChoices Physical Health Program or individuals who enter a Nursing Facility and are then determined eligible for MA in the HealthChoices Physical Health Program.

  • Long-Term Services and Supports — Services and supports provided to beneficiaries of all ages who have functional limitations and/or chronic illnesses that have the primary purpose of supporting the ability of the beneficiary to live or work in the setting of their choice, which may include the individual’s home, a worksite, a Provider-owned or controlled residential setting, a Nursing Facility, or other institutional setting.

  • Nursing Facility — A general, county or hospital-based Nursing Facility, which is licensed by the DOH, enrolled in the MA Program and certified for Medicare participation.

  • If an individual leaves the Nursing Facility to reside in the HealthChoices Physical Health Zone covered by this Agreement and is then determined eligible for Enrollment into the HealthChoices Physical Health Program, the individual will be enrolled in the HealthChoices Physical Health Program.

More Definitions of Nursing facility

Nursing facility means a facility licensed and certified by the Department and defined in OAR 411-070-0005.
Nursing facility means any place or facility operating 24 hours a
Nursing facility means an institution or a distinct part of an institution housing three or more individuals not related to the administrator or owner within the third degree of consanguinity, which is primarily engaged in providing health-related care and services, including rehabilitative services, but which is not engaged primarily in providing treatment or care for mental illness or an intellectual disability, for a period exceeding twenty-four consecutive hours for individuals who, because of a mental or physical condition, require nursing care and other services in addition to room and board.
Nursing facility means a facility, or a distinct part of a facility, that meets the state nursing home licensing standards in section 25-1.5-103 (1)(a)(I), is maintained primarily for the care and treatment of inpatients under the direction of a physician, and meets the requirements in 42 U.S.C. sec. 1396r for certification as a qualified provider of nursing facility services. The patients in such a facility require supportive, therapeutic, or compensating services and the availability of a licensed nurse for observation or treatment on a twenty-four-hour basis. Nursing care may include terminal care; extensive assistance or therapy in the activities of daily living; continual direction, supervision, or therapy; extensive assistance or therapy for loss of mobility; nursing assessment and services that involve assessment of the total needs of the patient, planning of patient care, and observing, monitoring, and recording the patient's response to treatment; and monitoring, observing, and evaluating the drug regimen. "Nursing facility" includes private, nonprofit, or proprietary intermediate nursing facilities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Nursing facility means a facility licensed or seeking licensure pursuant to Iowa Code section 135C.6, including a nursing facility for intermediate care or a nursing facility for skilled care.
Nursing facility means a home, an establishment or an institution, a distinct part of which is primarily engaged in providing:
Nursing facility means a licensed health facility or a distinct part of a hospital which provides continuous skilled nursing and supportive care to patients whose primary need is for availability of skilled nursing care on an extended basis. It provides 24-hour inpatient care and, as a minimum, includes physician, skilled nursing, dietary and pharmaceutical services, and an activity program;