Residential definition

Residential means any school trip which includes an overnight stay.
Residential means that the Premises where the Service is installed are used wholly:
Residential means lands or Buildings used, designed or intended for use as a residence for one or more individuals, and shall include, but is not limited to a Single Detached Dwelling, a Semi-Detached Dwelling, a Plex, a Small or Large Apartment , a Multiple Dwelling Unit, a Residential Dwelling Unit accessory to a Non-Residential use, and the Residential portion of a Live-Work Unit, but shall not include a lodging house licensed by a municipality or a hotel;

Examples of Residential in a sentence

  • Notice must be given in writing and comply with The Residential Tenancies Act.

  • This booklet contains terms and conditions for the following consumer lending products: • Home Loans • Residential Investment Property Loans • Personal Loans Talk to us if you have any problems with your loan If you’re having any problems with your loan, please let us know.

  • Upon the termination of this Agreement, in order for Permittee or Transferee to continue to use the water authorized herein, Permittee or Transferee must enter into a new Agreement for Residential Water Use, as such agreement may be modified or succeeded from time to time; provided, however, the Authority shall be under no obligation to approve any such agreement.

  • Code § 6-1-1-5-5(e) to the extent the property included a residence, an updated Seller’s Residential Sales Real Estate Disclosure Form as required by Ind.

  • While the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 applies to this Lease, the parties hereto acknowledge and agree that the Leased Premises are a unit described in paragraph 7(1)5.

More Definitions of Residential

Residential means areas where people reside or lodge, including, but not limited to, single and multiple family dwellings, condominiums, mobile homes, apartment complexes, motels, and hotels.
Residential. ’ means used as a dwelling;
Residential means a suite of rooms which form a living unit that is exclusively used for human habitation purposes, or a multiple number of such units on a property, excluding a hotel, commune, boarding and lodging undertaking, hostel and place of instruction.
Residential means the class or classes of customers purchasing electric power for household uses. When used as an adjective with respect to Qualified Systems or Green Energy Program Grants, such term refers to systems owned by, or leased to, or grants awarded to Residential persons.
Residential means of, from, or pertaining to a Single-Family Premises or Multi-Family Premises including Single-Family homes, apartments, condominiums, Townhouse complexes, mobile home parks, and cooperative apartments.
Residential means a type of building or a portion thereof which is designed for occupancy by not more than four (4) families, or a single-family condominium, or a unit in a planned unit development. In the case of a cooperative housing corporation, Residential means a type of building or a portion thereof which is designed for occupancy by more than one family, with ownership by a cooperative housing corporation.