Family home definition

Family home or "family residence" means the location or portion of a location where the applicant and his or her family reside, and may include basements and attics. It does not include other structures that are separate from the home but are considered part of the overall premises, such as adjacent apartments, unattached basements in multi-unit buildings, unattached garages, and other unattached buildings.
Family home means a child's primary residence that is not licensed, certified by, and under contract with the Department of Human Services as a foster home, residential care facility, assisted living facility, nursing facility, or other residential support program site.

Examples of Family home in a sentence

  • The Defendant is to pay to the Claimant 50% of the current market value of the Family Home as determined by the valuator within 120 days of the date of the valuation report in exchange for the Claimant signing a transfer of her interest in the said property to the Defendant.

  • Where the Defendant has not complied with order (e), the Family Home is to be sold on the open market and the net proceeds divided equally between the parties.

  • All taxes and cost associated with sale and transfer of the Family Home shall be shared equally by the Claimant and the Defendant.

  • The property located at 1491 Levens Avenue, Cumberland, Gregory Park P.O in the parish of Saint Catherine and registered at Volume 1211 Folio 386 is the Family Home.

  • Moved by Weir, seconded by Pederson, to approve Ordinance No. 519 Rezoning the Eastern 117 feet of 805 Hamel Road to the Two Family Home (R2) Zoning District.Motion passed unanimously.

More Definitions of Family home

Family home means the residence where you and your relatives live.
Family home means the dwelling-house that is wholly owned by either or both of the spouses and used habitually or from time to time by the spouses as the only or principal family residence together with any land, buildings or improvements appurtenant to such dwelling-house and used wholly or mainly for the purposes of the household, but shall not include such a dwelling-house which is a gift to one spouse by a donor who intended that spouse alone to benefit.
Family home means [family home address] registered at the Land Registry with title number [family home title no].
Family home means the residence of the child that is not a foster home, group home, or other residential service funded with public funds.
Family home means [insert address including postcode] registered at HM Land Registry with title number [insert].
Family home means the family residence of a licensee in which 24-hour care and supervision are provided for children.
Family home means a community-based residential home which is licensed as a residential care facility under chapter 135C or as a child foster care facility under chapter 237 to provide room and board, personal care, habilitation services, and supervision in a family environment exclusively for not more than eight persons with a developmental disability or brain injury and any necessary support personnel. However, family home does not mean an individual foster family home licensed under chapter 237.