Definition of Practice Revenues

Practice Revenues means (a) all fees and charges actually recorded or booked each month by or on behalf of Practice as a result of professional medical services personally furnished to patients by Physician Shareholder and Practice Employees and other fees or income generated in their capacity as professionals, whether rendered in an inpatient or outpatient setting plus (b) Capitation Revenues.
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Examples of Practice Revenues in a sentence

The Advisory Board will review and make recommendations to Manager and Practice with respect to the proposed exclusion of any revenue from Net Practice Revenues.
An amount equal to the excess of Net Practice Revenues over Practice Expenses will be transferred by Manager to Practice and used by Practice to pay Physician Expenses on such 15th day.
Manager shall pay all Practice Expenses as they become due out of Net Practice Revenues; provided, however, that Manager may, in the name of and on behalf of Practice, contest in good faith any claimed Practice Expenses as to which there is any dispute regarding the nature, existence or validity thereof.
The Estimated Collection Percentage will then be applied to such month's gross Practice revenues, resulting in estimated Net Practice Revenues for such month.
Revenue reports shall reflect the total gross revenues and Net Practice Revenues generated by or on behalf of the medial practice of Practice.