Net Revenues definition

Net Revenues means the difference between:
Net Revenues means revenues less related expenses, including
Net Revenues means the revenues of a public improvement remaining after deducting the reasonable expenses of administration, operation, and maintenance of the public improvement.

Examples of Net Revenues in a sentence

  • The amount of each payment shall be calculated by taking the Revenue Percentage multiplied by the: [ ] Gross Revenues [ X ] Net Revenues from the Measurement Period ended immediately prior to the payment date.

More Definitions of Net Revenues

Net Revenues means gross revenues less operating expenses.
Net Revenues means the difference between: (A) the sum of revenues from all sources related to operations and net non-operating income; and (B) the sum of all expenses related to operations including administration, adequate maintenance, taxes and payments in lieu of taxes, but excluding provision for depreciation, other non-cash operating charges and interest and other charges on debt.
Net Revenues means, for any period, an amount equal to all of the Gross Revenues received during such period minus the amount required to pay all Operation and Maintenance Costs becoming payable during such period.
Net Revenues means the Gross Earnings of the System after deduction of Current Expenses;
Net Revenues means the total amount of money wagered less pay out of all prizes and New Mexico Gaming Taxes. If State law and regulations do not permit fees to be paid to Kachina as described above, Kachina shall have the option of withdrawing from the agreement, or eliminating some or all services that are not specifically detailed in 1.A. above. Proprietor shall not be required to make a per machine payment to terminate the lease; lease termination shall be governed by Section 15. There are no other fees payable to Kachina other than the percentage payment set out in this Section.
Net Revenues means (i) all revenue recognized by the Company from (a) discovery activities that derive value from the content contained in the Database and (b) license fees, royalties and other revenue derived from intellectual property acquired through collaborations with third parties with respect to Member Data, less (ii) Operational Expenses. For this purpose, Operational Expenses do not include Organizational Expenses, Operational Expenses borne by the Manager (See Note 7 – Expenses) or the Management Fee. See also Note 7 –Manager Operations Separate from the Company, concerning activities that the Manager may conduct that do not generate revenue for the Company and are therefore excluded from Net Revenues.
Net Revenues means, for any Fiscal Year, all Revenues received by the Recipient less the Operations and Maintenance Costs for such Fiscal Year.