Total Revenues definition

Total Revenues means revenues from all taxes and fees, excluding revenue from funds managed by local government on behalf of a specific third party, and does not include the proceeds from borrowing or asset sales.
Total Revenues means revenues credited to the general fund and the road fund consistent with the provisions of KRS 48.120, as well as any restricted agency fund account from which debt service is expended.
Total Revenues means for any Person, as of any determination date, the total consolidated revenues of such Person and its Restricted Subsidiaries, as calculated in accordance with GAAP, as of the most recent date for which internal financial statements are then available, and giving pro forma effect (determined in the same manner as provided for in the definition of “Consolidated Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio”) to transactions that would change the amount of Total Revenues.

Examples of Total Revenues in a sentence

Total Revenues and Transfers and Total Expenditures and Transfers exclude Inter-Fund Revenues.

Revenue Growth Total Revenues (Current Period) - 1Total Revenues (Prior Period) 5.

We define Adjusted EBITDA Margin as Adjusted EBITDA divided by Total Revenues.

Total Costs include interest expense on the collateralized mortgage obligations, as the associated interest income generated from the mortgage-backed securities is included in Total Revenues.

Total Revenues reported on the Analysis of Operations by Lines of Business schedule.

More Definitions of Total Revenues

Total Revenues means, for the period in question, all revenues in the aggregate for all of the Facilities (determined on an accrual basis in accordance with GAAP) received by the Brookdale Lessees or any Affiliate of any of them (without duplication) from the operation of the Facilities or any other use of the Facilities, or any portion thereof, including, without limitation, all resident rents and revenues received or receivable for the use of or otherwise by reason of all units, beds and other facilities provided, meals served, services performed, space or facilities subleased or goods sold on the Facilities, including, without limitation, and except as provided below, any other arrangements with third parties relating to the possession or use of the Facilities; provided, however, that Total Revenues shall not include: (i) allowances according to GAAP for uncollectible accounts, including credit accounts and charity care and other administrative discounts (other than allowance for uncollectible accounts related to Third Party Payor reimbursements properly submitted, which shall be deducted in determining Total Revenues), (ii) revenue from professional fees or charges by physicians and unaffiliated providers of services, when and to the extent such charges are paid over to such physicians or unaffiliated providers of services, or are separately billed and not included in comprehensive fees; (iii) non-operating revenues such as interest income or income from the sale of assets not sold in the ordinary course of business; (iv) revenues attributable to services actually provided off-site or otherwise away from a Facility, such as home health care, to persons that are not residents of a Facility; (v) security deposits of residents of a Facility; (vi) proceeds of any insurance coverage other than Third Party Payor Programs and rent loss or business interruption coverage; and (vii) any Award from any Condemnation.
Total Revenues means total revenues of the Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis, shown on the most recent statement of income or operations of the Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries delivered pursuant to Section 6.01, with such pro forma adjustments as are appropriate and consistent with the pro forma adjustment provisions set forth in Section 1.08.
Total Revenues means all income, revenue and proceeds resulting directly or indirectly from the operation of the Hotels and all of its facilities (net of refunds and credits to guests and other items deemedAllowances” under the Uniform System) which are properly attributable under the Uniform System to the period in question, but in all cases subject to the terms of this Agreement. Subject to Section 10.1(B), Total Revenues shall include, without limitation, all amounts derived from:
Total Revenues means:
Total Revenues means the sum of revenues reported under GAAP for any Fiscal Year ended June 30 ("Fiscal Year")
Total Revenues means, at any time, the total revenues of the Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis for the most recently ended Test Period, calculated on a pro forma basis in respect of any test or covenant hereunder.