Gross Operating Revenues definition

Gross Operating Revenues means, for any period of time for any Hotel Property, without duplication, all income and proceeds of sales of every kind (whether in cash or on credit and computed on an accrual basis) received by the owner (or, if such Hotel Property is ground leased, the ground lessee) of such Hotel Property or the applicable Operating Lessee or Manager for the use, occupancy or enjoyment of such Hotel Property or the sale of any goods, services or other items sold on or provided from such Hotel Property in the ordinary course of operation of such Hotel Property, including, without limitation, all income received from tenants, transient guests, lessees, licensees and concessionaires and other services to guests at such Hotel Property, and the proceeds from business interruption insurance, but excluding the following: (i) any excise, sales or use taxes or similar governmental charges collected directly from patrons or guests, or as a part of the sales price of any goods, services or displays, such as gross receipts, admission, cabaret or similar or equivalent taxes; (ii) receipts from condemnation awards or sales in lieu of or under threat of condemnation; (iii) proceeds of insurance (other than business interruption insurance); (iv) other allowances and deductions as provided by the Uniform System in determining the sum contemplated by this definition, by whatever name, it may be called; (v) proceeds of sales, whether dispositions of capital assets, FF&E or equipment (other than sales of Inventory in the ordinary course of business); (vi) gross receipts received by tenants, lessees (other than Operating Lessees), licensees or concessionaires of the owner (or, if such Hotel Property is ground leased, the ground lessee) of such Hotel Property; (vii) consideration received at such Hotel Property for hotel accommodations, goods and services to be provided at other hotels although arranged by, for or on behalf of, and paid over to, the applicable Manager; (viii) tips, service charges and gratuities collected for the benefit of employees; (ix) proceeds of any financing; (x) working capital provided by the Parent Guarantor or any Subsidiary of the Parent Guarantor or the applicable Operating Lessee; (xi) amounts collected from guests or patrons of such Hotel Property on behalf of tenants of such Hotel Property and other third parties; (xii) the value of any goods or services in excess of actual amounts paid (in cash or services) provided by the applicable Manager on a complime...
Gross Operating Revenues means all receipts, revenues, income and proceeds of sales of every kind received by Manager directly or indirectly from the operation of the Hotel, and shall include, without limitation: room rentals; rent or other payments received from sub-tenants, licensees, and occupants of commercial and retail space located in the Hotel; the proceeds of insurance received by Owner or Manager with respect to use and occupancy or business interruption insurance; deposits forfeited and not refunded; frequent guest program payments; and any amount recovered in any legal action or proceeding or settlement thereof which amount represents and was directly related to, the collection of accounts receivables, cancellation fees or other uncollected revenue. Gross Operating Revenues shall exclude all sales and excise taxes and any similar taxes collected as direct taxes payable to taxing authorities; gratuities or service charges collected for payment to and paid to employees; credit or refunds to guests; proceeds of insurance, save and except for proceeds of insurance with respect to use and occupancy or business interruption insurance; proceeds of sales of property attributable under the accrual method of accounting, pursuant to generally accepted accounting practice or the Uniform System to a different Fiscal Year; proceeds from condemnation or casualty; interest earned on the Reserve Fund (as defined herein); and financing proceeds obtained by the Owner.
Gross Operating Revenues means all revenues from intrastate operations includable in the operating revenue accounts of the prescribed uniform system of accounts except:

Examples of Gross Operating Revenues in a sentence

  • The Annual Business Plan shall include: an operating budget showing estimated Gross Operating Revenues, department profits, operating expenses, House Profit and Net Operating Income for the forthcoming Fiscal Year for the Hotel; a marketing plan; a Capital Renewals Budget; all in reasonable detail and, where appropriate, with the basis for all assumptions expressly set forth.

  • Manager shall deduct the FF&E Percentage Contribution on a monthly basis from Gross Operating Revenues and deposit such amount in the Reserve Fund.

  • The proceeds of any business interruption insurance shall be included in Gross Operating Revenues for the period for which such proceeds are payable.

  • From time to time if and as required, Owner shall maintain cash in the Operating Account (“Operating Funds”) sufficient in amount to properly operate the Hotel (including amounts sufficient to pay those expenses described as deductions from Gross Operating Revenues).

  • To the extent Operating Funds exceed the amount described in Section 7.2 and the amounts needed for capital expenditures anticipated pursuant to the Annual Business Plan, Manager shall deposit from such excess, if any, in a reserve fund (“Reserve Fund”) an amount equal to 4% of Gross Operating Revenues or such other percentage of Gross Operating Revenues as Lessee may, from time to time, require (the “FF&E Percentage Contribution”).

More Definitions of Gross Operating Revenues

Gross Operating Revenues means, with respect to any given period of time, all gross operating income and rental revenues actually received by or paid to or for the account of the Company with respect to the ownership, operation, leasing and occupancy of the Project, excluding tenant security deposits paid under Leases but including, but not limited to, any and all of the following: (i) rentals paid by tenants under leases of space in the Project ("Leases"); (ii) late charges and interest paid by tenants under Leases; (iii) rents and receipts from vending machines and similar items; (iv) fees from parking garages or carports, if applicable; and (v) cable television and telephone revenues.
Gross Operating Revenues shall include all payments received in connection with Occupancy Agreements or other payments for the use or occupancy of space in the Facility (whether by residents, licensees, concessionaires, permissive use arrangement, or otherwise), including, without limitation, any such payments received pursuant to any sublease or assignment of Occupancy Agreements, any lease, license, concession, or other permissive use arrangement; all payments made by any third-party payors under any third-party payor program (including, without limitation, to the extent applicable to the Facility, Medicare, Medicaid (however denominated under State law), CHAMPUS, Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield, managed care plans, or other private insurance plans or employee assistance programs), parking revenues, income from vending machines, photocopy machines, and other such devices, late charges, interest on past due rentals, payments under any licenses, concessions, or other agreements for advertising signs, telecommunications services, antennas, or disks, all lease modification, amendment, surrender, or cancellation payments, all proceeds in lieu of rental revenues from any business interruption insurance policies; all escalation payments; and all payments made by residents, or other users of the Facility for extra services, including, without limitation, the use of any personal property used in connection with the Facility and the provision of any healthcare or other personal services. For the avoidance of doubt, the parties acknowledge and agree that the “Gross Operating Revenues” of the Facility shall not include income derived from interest on investments or otherwise (except for business interruption insurance proceeds as set forth above), proceeds of claims on account of insurance policies, abatement of taxes awards arising out of takings by eminent domain, discounts and dividends on insurance policies, sale or refinancing proceeds, monies paid for capital expenditures, all purchase discounts, and security deposits.
Gross Operating Revenues means all revenues arising out of or in connection with the operation of the Business, but exclusive of all proceeds from the sale of assets or from other extraordinary or non-recurring items and exclusive of all interest, dividends, royalties, and other similar types of investment income that do not arise from the operation of the Business in the ordinary course.
Gross Operating Revenues means the actual monthly cash collections from the customary operations of the Property consisting of rental and vending machine receipts, forfeited deposits, late charges, rent claim settlements net of any collection fees, lease termination or modification payments and other operating receipts, excluding applicable sales tax and refundable deposits; Gross Operating Revenues shall not include any revenues from condemnation or casualty proceeds, from the sale of any personal or real property of Owner or from any source other than the customary operations of the Property. Manager shall submit to Owner's or Owner's accounting agent an invoice detailing the calculation of the management fee each month.
Gross Operating Revenues has the meaning set forth in Section 4.02(A).