Definition of Tax Revenues

Tax Revenues means the Personal Income Taxes and such other revenues, including Alternative Revenues (but excluding Building Aid), as the Authority may derive directly from the State from taxes imposed by the City or the State and collected by the State.
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Examples of Tax Revenues in a sentence

The State Comptroller is required by the Act, commencing on or before the fifteenth day of each month, to pay the Personal Income Tax Revenues on a daily basis directly to the Trustee for application in accordance with the Indenture.
Any Tax Revenues received by the Authority shall be promptly deposited into the Tax Revenue Subaccount.
Tax Revenues include an override amount of .004% for Fiscal Year 2010-11 which gradually drops to zero in Fiscal Year 2012-13.
Based on State and federal constitutional, statutory and case law and the terms of the Indenture and the Agreement, Bond Counsel is of the opinion that if the debts of the City were adjusted under the Bankruptcy Code and the City or its creditors were to assert a right to the Tax Revenues equal or prior to the rights of the holders of the Future Tax Secured Bonds, such assertion would not succeed.
On the first business day of the second month of each Collection Quarter the Trustee will resume or continue to transfer all Tax Revenues in proportion to the unfunded balance of the Quarterly Payment Requirement from the Collection Account to each subaccount of the Bond Account until there is on deposit in each subaccount of the Bond Account, or the Redemption Account, as the case may be, the Quarterly Payment Requirement.