Paid Services definition

Paid Services means Services for which You must register and pay BlackBerry, or the applicable merchant-of-record (“MoR”) or payment processor, a fee in order to receive.
Paid Services means the services provided by the CBERC e-education portal delivered by satellite, internet or by any other means.
Paid Services means paid Services that you subscribe for under an Order Form.

Examples of Paid Services in a sentence

  • That following a Borough Election and until the day of the Annual Meeting, if the Leader is not re-elected as a Councillor, the powers of the Leader shall be exercised by the Head of Paid Services in consultation with all group Leaders.

  • This requires the Council, if it intends to change the salary of the Head of Paid Services, to consult with the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) unless the change is in keeping with the changes applied to other officers.

  • The Council will have regard to the IRP when deciding on the appropriate level of remuneration for the Head of Paid Services.

  • The prices and the terms of payment for SDGE’s Paid Services are shown on the Website.

  • Notwithstanding any other provision of this Plan, no Cash payment of less than ten dollars shall be made on account of any Allowed Claim, including any Cash adjustments described herein, nor shall any of the Reorganized Debtors be obligated to make any such de minimus Cash payment, unless a specific request for payment is made in writing by the Holder of such Claim to the Reorganized Debtors.

More Definitions of Paid Services

Paid Services means features or functionality of the Licensed Material that you access in exchange for payment of a recurring fee, as applicable to the relevant features or functionality and this Agreement. Unless otherwise set forth in the Agreement, all references to “Licensed Material” are intended to include the Paid Service(s). CONFIDENTIAL GDSVF&H\5028599.4
Paid Services means any and all administrative and corporate support services provided by or procured by the Manager or any Affiliate thereof, including, without limitation, the following services: (a) the administration, management and preparation of the Company's and its Subsidiaries' payroll, compensation and benefits plans, customer billing and collections; (b) the corporate arrangement, management, administration and coordination of the Company's and its Subsidiaries' employee and labor relations and credit analysis; and (c) the corporate management and administration of the following support services: accounting, safety, information technology, logistics, procurement, legal and technical services. For purposes of this definition, none of Cemex, RMUSA or any of their respective Affiliates shall be deemed to be Affiliates of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries.
Paid Services means Services that are provided in exchange for payment to Company.
Paid Services means Services provided under an Agreement which entitles Onyx Point to receive a fee (“Usage Fee”) from, or on behalf of, the User. Some examples of Usage Fees include: (i) fees paid to Onyx Point through a cloud provider’s marketplace specifically for the Services; and (ii) license fees paid to Onyx Point which entitle the User to make use of the Services. However, if any such Usage Fees become delinquent under the terms of the Agreement, Onyx Point reserves the right to treat the Services as Unpaid Services with regard to Onyx Point’s obligations hereunder.
Paid Services means the Services available to the User upon subscription to the Paid Services. Provision of the Paid Services contemplates the use of expanded functions of the HealthPlate application.
Paid Services means the services rendered by the health care institution and paid for by the patients themselves or other natural persons or legal entities as set forth in the local and other regulations and laws.