ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. 1. Employees may not leave the company premises during working hours without notifying their supervisor or designate. Any employee who abuses this policy in any form will have their privilege denied for just cause.
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. This policy is to inform the participant and the parents of participants of the Upland Hurricanes Youth Football and Cheer program of our "Zero Tolerance Policy". The Hurricanes Board of Directors has given full discretion to coaches and board members to enforce this policy. The following will not be tolerated: • Possession/consumption of alcoholic beverages, possession/use of illegal substances on the premises at any Association, League or Conference function, including home or away games, and practices or events where the children are present. • Protesting a game official, judge or Commissioners decision in an aggressive demonstrative manner, or any behavior which might incite negative, violent or aggressive fan involvement. • Use of abusive or profane language or actions at any time at any Association, League, or Conference function. • Treatment of the program, board members, coaches, all children and adults while at any Association/League/Conference function with disrespect. • Any physical violence, or verbal abuse or harassment towards any parent, coach, official, board member or player. Failure to follow this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the event and/or season for a participant and/or his/her parents. Depending on the gravity of the incident, dismissal may be immediate for a participant or parent with the possibility of notification given to the local police departments and/or local recreation departments. By signing below, I am representing myself and my entire family and/or any friends who may attend the event that my child is participating in. I will enlighten my friends & family and enforce this policy. I acknowledge receipt of the Upland Hurricanes Zero Tolerance Policy. I will abide in accordance with the policy or risk dismissal of participation of my child/children. Player’s Signature Date Printed name Parent’s Signature Date Printed name REFUND POLICY The Board of Directors of the Upland Hurricanes Youth Football & Cheer program hold a financial responsibility to all its members in upholding our mission and league standards. Decisions and expenses for every upcoming season occur months before players even step onto the practice field. In return, we ask that all our families recognize their commitment to our program and adhere to our refund policy outlined below.
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. The Landlord has a zero tolerance policy with respect to violations of lease terms regarding drug and/or violent criminal activity. Tenants will face swift eviction action as outlined in this lease if Tenants or guests engage in drug and other criminal activity. The Housing Authority of the City of , Alabama Date By: HA Other Adult Member Head of House Other Adult Member Spouse Other Adult Member Other Adult Member Other Adult Member I have received a copy of this lease and I hereby declare that the facts given in my Application for Housing and Continued Occupancy are true. I understand that if these facts are not true, this lease will be terminated, and I will be required to vacate. I certify that no member of the household is subject to a lifetime registration requirement under the state sex offender registration program. Requests for a Reasonable Accommodation for a disability may be made at any time through the Central Office and/or the Property Manager. A $ 40.00 PENALTY IS CHARGED IF RENT IS NOT PAID BY THE _10_th OF THE MONTH. Copies of all procedures, policy, and other documents referred to in this lease are available for review upon request during the normal business hours of Landlord
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Initial: Airport Shuttle of Phoenix and Texas Shuttle have a zero tolerance policy prohibiting the use of intoxicating substances or smoking in or around vehicles. Any contractor using intoxicating substances, smoking cigarettes, or failing an alcohol or drug test will be automatically terminated and not eligible for rehire. Contractors will receive a copy of this policy and agree to it prior to employment or contract work. Any contractor suspected by company management of using intoxicating substances will be required to be tested as soon as possible; the company also reserves the right to do random drug and alcohol testing. Contractors will not be able to work until they are tested. Any refusal to testing will result in termination. Coworkers or managers suspecting the use of intoxicating substances by a contractor are encouraged to send us an email or call our main number to report an incident.
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Contractor shall at all times comply with Center’s Zero Tolerance Policy; such Policy is published on Center’s website and is incorporated herein by this reference. The hyperlink to the Policy is: xxxx:// .
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. All Envoys participants must uphold the zero tolerance policy for illegal substances, alcohol, and tobacco. Anyone violating this policy will be sent home immediately.
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. The Authority maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY with respect to security violations. All violators shall be subject to the penalties set forth in 740 CMR 21.99, 740 CMR 22.99, 740 CMR 30.00, and, 740 CMR 31, as applicable, including but not limited to: (1) a fine not to exceed $2,000.00; (2) suspension of and/or disqualification from receiving an Unescorted Access Badge or a TVP; (3) revocation of an Unescorted Access Badge, a TVP, and/or privileges to perform aviation or commercial services on the airport; (4) removal of the individual from the Sterile Area or SIDA; and/or (5) criminal prosecution.
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. St. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Academy follows the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schoolspolicy on zero tolerance concerning offenses that include violence, gangs, weapons, assault on staff, and substance abuse. Under MNPS policy, students incurring an infraction in any of these categories are subject to expulsion. In addition to MNPS policy, St. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Academy reserves the right to place on probation or dismiss students for violations including alcohol, tobacco, theft, bomb threats, bullying, fighting, sexual harassment, and any other egregious infraction as determined by the St. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Academy administration.
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. USAH has established a zero tolerance policy that allows hockey officials to remove players, coaches, parents and fans from the rink if conduct becomes disorderly. Referees and the MYHA Board reserve to right to remove unruly individuals from MYHA activities. Failure to comply with established MYHA policies may disqualify players and parents from MYHA participation. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I have read and agree to abide by the above mentioned policies, fees (tuition & late charge) and terms.