Commercial Services definition

Commercial Services has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 3.2.
Commercial Services means those revenue generating operations provided by the Corporation to its membership;

Examples of Commercial Services in a sentence

  • Purpose: The purposes of the system are to assist NPS employees in managing the National Park Service Commercial Services program allowing commercial uses within a unit of the National Park System to ensure that business activities are conducted in a manner that complies with Federal laws and regulations and to evaluate offerors who desire to conduct or are conducting business within units of the National Park System.

  • Food Services (FS) – a sub-unit of the Asset Management and Commercial Services Unit (OAFA-AC) under Facilities and Asset Management Division, Office of Administrative Services (OAS).

  • In the event that there is any change which requires either Party to act as a Processor the Parties agree, at their own cost, to enter into the standard data protection clauses set out in the Crown Commercial Services Procurement Policy Note 02/18 (as amended or replaced from time to time).

  • However it was explained that Commercial Services were managing this process, not the Joint Waste Team, and that information would be sought from that team.

  • Events Management (EM) – a sub-unit of the Asset Management and Commercial Services Unit (OAFA-AC) under Facilities and Asset Management Division, Office of Administrative Services (OAS).

More Definitions of Commercial Services

Commercial Services means the Council’s Commercial Services team (within Corporate Services) or such other body as has been approved by Cabinet to perform its functions.
Commercial Services means short codes that are to be used for services for which a charge is made for the call that exceeds the licensee’s standard cost of call or SMS text message.
Commercial Services has the meaning given such term in Clause 3(a)(ii).
Commercial Services means the soliciting of patronage to passers-by for, or provision of, any service which is offered or provided, on payment of a fee, charge or other valuable consideration, including an invitation to make a gratuitous contribution, and includes the taking and selling of photographs, the production and sale of personal portraits, the telling of fortunes, the soliciting of commercial sexual services, and any other service of any kind whatsoever.
Commercial Services means businesses that provide services for occupants of office, industrial and other property types that Reckson may not be permitted to provide under Federal tax laws applicable to a real estate investment trust or that have not traditionally been provided by Reckson.
Commercial Services means commerce services that include at least three (3) of the following parameters: (1) catering; (2) Shuttles and parking; (3) logistics services; (4) hotels; (5) stores (except catering).
Commercial Services has the meaning set out Section B.2 of the Airport Operations Scope and Specifications document attached to the Project Agreement Heads of Terms as Appendix B;