Workshops Sample Clauses

Workshops. The parties shall make every reasonable effort to notify each other of any pertinent conferences, workshops, or seminars in which District staff may be eligible to participate. Such notification is to be sent, if possible, prior to the scheduled beginning date of the conference, workshop or seminar.
Workshops. The district shall annually budget a workshop cap of $3,000 district-wide to be pro-rated between the buildings on an FTE basis. The funds shall be used specifically for the costs of the workshops and shall not be used for the cost of substitutes if a member is gone during the workday for an approved workshop. Although the workshop requests are employee directed, they do require district approval. Any workshop funds remaining after March 1st may be reallocated to tuition reimbursement distributed according to Section C above.
Workshops. 1. The District will make up a minimum of $425 per Teacher available to pay for tuition, registration, materials, and travel expenses. However, in no event shall the District expend more than $25,000 per contract year for workshop reimbursement.
Workshops. The College will compensate tenure candidates $1000 for completion of the Educational Equity Workshop during their probationary period. For the duration of this Agreement, tenured, full-time temporary and part-time faculty may enroll in the workshop on a space-available basis. Tenured, full-time temporary, and part-time faculty who have not previously completed the Educational Equity Workshop will receive a one-time payment of $1000 for completing it, on a voluntary basis.
Workshops. For the purposes of lot 1 of the assignment, the following workshops shall be conducted by the Consultant: • One-day Inception Workshop. • One-day workshop for validation of deliverables
Workshops. The District shall provide in-service training for employees on a continuing and regular basis at no cost or loss of pay or time to employees. Vocational training days shall be incorporated into the school work calendar for Unit 1 employees. One of these training days shall be organized and sponsored by the District and shall coincide with the employees’ work calendar. Xxxx 0 and Unit 3 employees shall participate in work-related vocational training sessions throughout the school work calendar year. The District recognizes the importance of providing adequate training for all personnel, especially in the area of new technology. Every effort shall be made to provide appropriate training prior to implementation. Employees making a good faith effort to complete a project or task will not be held accountable for errors or malfunctions.
Workshops. Licensee will prepare, offer, promote, market, conduct, provide and sell the Workshops and will use the Logos and Trademarks only with Workshops offered by Licensee that comply with the CSI Practices. Licensee will always maintain the quality of the Workshops at a level specified by and satisfactory to CSI. Licensee will permit CSI to attend and inspect the Workshops, Workshop Materials, Marketing Materials and/or the use of Logos and Trademarks at all reasonable times and on prior written notice.