Workshops Sample Clauses

Workshops. During the month of September or October of each year during the term of this Agreement, there shall be held at each University a workshop for Department Chairs at which will be discussed their roles and responsibilities as such. Representatives of the University, at its election, and representatives of the Association, at its election, shall be permitted to participate jointly in such workshop.
Workshops. The City shall conduct meetings and workshops to further develop and refine the skills of staff, board members, committee members, and municipal government representatives of College Park.
Workshops. The parties shall make every reasonable effort to notify each other of any pertinent conferences, workshops, or seminars in which District staff may be eligible to participate. Such notification is to be sent, if possible, prior to the scheduled beginning date of the conference, workshop or seminar.
Workshops. B.5.2.1. The signatories of an Accord may choose to hold a workshop at any time for the purpose of dialogue aimed at developing recommendations for consideration at a Meeting of the Accord. Such workshops would normally be held at the time of an Annual Meeting.
Workshops. The College agrees to conduct workshops to promote employee morale, productivity, and efficiency, as well as open new lines of communication between labor and management. Subjects for the workshops may be determined by the Professional Development Committee. Employees must first request and receive supervisor approval to attend such workshops on paid time, and such approval or denial is not subject to grievance. These workshops may include all staff or may be sponsored by sub–units, i.e., Instruction, Administration, and Student Services. Attendance will be considered as time worked for employees on all shifts.
Workshops. Sponsor conferences and workshops as determined by the Board of Directors on the full range of labor-management relations.
Workshops. The College will compensate tenure candidates $1000 for completion of the Educational Equity Workshop during their probationary period. For the duration of this Agreement, tenured, full-time temporary and adjunct faculty may enroll in the workshop on a space-available basis. Tenured, full-time temporary, and adjunct faculty who have not previously completed the Educational Equity Workshop will receive a one-time payment of $1000 for completing it, on a voluntary basis.
Workshops. The district shall annually budget a workshop cap of $3,000 district-wide to be pro-rated between the buildings on an FTE basis. The funds shall be used specifically for the costs of the workshops and shall not be used for the cost of substitutes if a member is gone during the workday for an approved workshop. Although the workshop requests are employee directed, they do require district approval. Any workshop funds remaining after March 1st may be reallocated to tuition reimbursement distributed according to Section C above.
Workshops. 1. The District will make up a minimum of $425 per Teacher available to pay for tuition, registration, materials, and travel expenses. However, in no event shall the District expend more than $25,000 per contract year for workshop reimbursement.
Workshops. The Board will make provisions for at least one workshop during the school year, if necessary, or if requested by either party.