Guidelines Sample Clauses

Guidelines. The Office of State Procurement adheres to all guidelines set forth by the State and Federal Government concerning The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as all mandated fire codes.
Guidelines. The purpose of the Learning Agreement is to provide a transparent and efficient preparation of the traineeship period abroad and to ensure that the trainee will receive recognition for the activities successfully completed abroad. It is recommended to use this template. However, if the higher education institution already has an IT system in place to produce the Learning Agreement or the Transcript of Records, it can continue using it. The Traineeship Certificate that the receiving organisation/enterprise must issue may have a different format as well. What is important is that all the information requested in this template is provided, no matter in which format How to use this Learning Agreement: Before the mobility, it is necessary to fill in page 1 with information on the trainee, the sending institution and the receiving organisation/enterprise and the three parties have to agree on the section to be completed before the mobility (pages 2 and 3). On page 1, all the information mentioned will have to be encoded in the Mobility Tool. The sending institution can decide to add more information (e.g. additional contact person in the coordinating institution of a consortium) or to request less in case some of the information is already provided in other documents internal to the institution. However, it should at least include the names of the sending institution and the receiving organisation/enterprise and names and contact details of the trainee, the persons of contact and the mentor in the receiving organisation/enterprise. The section to be completed during the mobility (page 4) should only be used if there are changes in the responsible persons or in case it is necessary to introduce changes to the original traineeship programme. This section and the section before mobility (pages 1 to 4) should always be sent together in all communications. After the mobility, the receiving organisation/enterprise should send a Traineeship Certificate to the student within a maximum of 5 weeks after successful completion of the traineeship (page 5). Finally the sending institution should issue a Transcript of Records if the traineeship is embedded in the curriculum or if it had committed to do so before the mobility (a record of the results in a database accessible to the student is also acceptable).
Guidelines. The Union will be notified in writing of the targeted classifications/positions involved in the layoff. Seniority as defined in Article 36 shall be used to determine the order of layoff or recall. The use of retention points is hereby abolished. Performance evaluations will not be a factor in layoff.
Guidelines. OC shall publish, with other College policies, the Guidelines for the Professional Allowance Fund agreed to by OC and the Association. The Committee shall work within these guidelines to set the maximum annual amount for which an employee is eligible, to review applications for professional allowance monies, and to allocate such monies. Any change in the guidelines shall be subject to agreement between OC and the Association.
Guidelines. The following procedures have been adopted to disburse the annual fund negotiated by the UCTA for higher education course reimbursement.