Sites Sample Clauses

Sites. The School shall provide educational services, including the delivery of instruction, at the following location(s): School Name (Grades) School Address City, State Zip The School shall ensure the Facilities meet the charter school facilities standards in Section 22- 8B-4.2(A, C, D) XXXX 0000, and shall ensure that the facilities comply with all applicable federal, state and local health and safety standards and other applicable laws, regulations and rules. The School shall provide the Lease(s) or Lease Purchase Agreement(s) for all facilities, which is attached to this contract as Attachment J incorporated herein by reference,
Sites. 11.1 We will not be liable for any rents, rates, taxes, charges or impositions at any time payable in respect of the site(s).
Sites. 1. A maximum of 2 adults and 4 children under the age of 18, or a single family of parents and their children living at the same address, are permitted on each site.
Sites. 6.1 Subject to paragraph 6.2, the Sites held by each of the Parties in accordance with the details in Appendix 5 shall continue to be held by that Party but shall be made available and maintained for the use of the Joint Committee during this Agreement. Any related contractual obligations shall be discharged by the Joint Committee and any related revenue costs shared between the Parties in accordance with section 8.
Sites. The Board of Directors of WOCO shall make arrangements for one or more sites to house the equipment and the staff for WOCO operations. Costs of operating and maintaining those sites, including the costs of maintaining fire and extended coverage and public liability insurance on such sites and providing heat, electricity, custodial service, and restrooms for such sites, shall be operating costs of WOCO payable from the Program Fund. If sufficient money to pay those costs is not received from state or other financial assistance programs, those costs shall be assessed to the Members and Program Participants pursuant to this Agreement. In the event that a Member provides space in its facilities to serve as a site for WOCO operations, the Member may enter into any contracts necessary for the maintenance and insuring of those facilities and may receive compensation from WOCO for the proportion of those costs attributable to the facilities comprising the site, as determined and approved by the Board.
Sites. Remark will host the Sites, provided that TheStreet may take over hosting of the Sites and thereby reduce costs upon mutual consent. The Parties will execute any documentation that reasonably may be required by Nxxxxxx, comScore or other Web traffic measurement companies to report the Web traffic of the Sites as being traffic on TheStreet’s network.