Counselors Sample Clauses

Counselors. A. Newly ordered file cabinets for Counselors will have locks. No Counselors shall be held accountable, unless through their own negligence, for the loss of school records unless there is a secure place for storage.
Counselors. The standard work week for counselors shall average forty (40) hours, with thirty-five (35) hours assigned, including twenty-five (25) hours of direct student contact. The twenty-five (25) hours of student contact is defined as any counseling activity in which counseling service is provided to a student or students, including instruction, workshops, individual or group counseling. The remaining ten (10) hours can be used for official college assignments, such as coursework preparation, counseling preparation, institutional meetings, and other departmental activities (see Appendix M for instructional assignment ratios within counselor loads). Any assignments over and above thirty-five (35) hours per week shall be considered beyond contract assignments until one hundred ninety-two (192) days of service are completed. The counseling administrator by mutual agreement with the counselor may modify the workweek schedule.
Counselors. Counselors’ calendars shall reflect the same number of days as the teaching faculty at the college. The dates of the administratively-assigned duty days may be different from those of the teaching faculty, but the number of such days shall be the same. The dates of the administratively-assigned duty days for counselors shall be determined in accordance with Section 1 of this Article.
Counselors. Counselors who accept extra days assignments in counseling beyond their academic year assignment shall have their work load for such extra days determined in the same manner as for the academic year.
Counselors. All counselors, by credential field, shall be responsible for the development and implementation of the counseling services, including summer coverage, to support the mission and philosophy of each institution and to develop, cooperatively with the administration, the goals and objectives for these services prior to the start of each academic year. Counselors on each campus, among themselves, shall develop their methods of implementation for the purpose of accomplishing these goals and objectives. Priority will be given to services necessary to fulfill the educational needs of students and instructional needs of faculty. It is recognized that the quality and quantity of these services will depend upon the availability of staff and other resources. When counselors perform teaching assignments their responsibilities shall be adjusted proportionately. Part-time counselor assignments shall be determined on a pro-rata basis. It is further recognized by the parties that:
Counselors. Throughout the term of this contract, middle schools with less than 850 student enrollment will be staffed with at least one (1) counselor. Middle schools with more than 850 students will be staffed at a minimum of 1.5 counselors. Comprehensive high schools will be staffed with a minimum of four (4) counselors. Additional counselors will be added based on a minimum student/counselor ratio of 450:1. The continuation high school will be staffed with a minimum of one (1) counselor. When the ratio is exceeded by 225, a half counselor position will be added. So long as the District employs counselors assigned to provide mental health support to elementary schools, the District will use reasonable efforts to schedule such services at least two (2) days per week per site.
Counselors. 20 In addition to their base contract, and any other required supplemental days, elementary counselors will be 21 issued supplemental contracts for one (1) additional day to be paid at their respective per diem rate and 22 secondary counselors will be issued supplemental contracts for 15 additional days to be paid at their respective 23 per diem rate. Unless mutually agreed upon by a secondary counselor and his/her supervisor, ten (10) of these 24 days will be the ten (10) workdays prior to the beginning of school and five (5) will be scheduled at the 25 employee’s discretion to meet the duties of their job. 27 The District will continue to explore mental health counseling support for students in addition to the 28 traditional District counseling staff.