Wings Sample Clauses

Wings. (a) The leading edges will be free from damage, numerous dings and dents (e.g. no significant hail or other foreign object damage).
Wings. (a) Front and rear spars (including spar caps, webs and stiffeners) (b) Upper and lower stringers and skin between spars (c) Landing gear bulkhead and landing gear attach fitting (d) Bulkhead at side of fuselage, including trapezoidal panel (e) Flap ribs in the wing (f) Wing to fuselage attach tee (g) Wing flap attach fittings
Wings. Wings or Company insignia received by Flight Attendants when first employed by the Company shall be retained by the Flight Attendant upon termination from the Company if employed one (1) or more years.

Related to Wings

  • Giddings Title: Manager of Global Legal Affairs The foregoing is acknowledged: The undersigned officer of the Trust has executed this Agreement not individually but in his/her capacity as an officer of the Trust. The Trust does not hereby undertake, on behalf of the Fund or otherwise, any obligation to the Subadviser. LEGG MASON PARTNERS VARIABLE EQUITY TRUST By: /s/ Jane Trust Name: Jane Trust Title: President and Chief Executive Officer ANNEX I Not applicable. SCHEDULE A Franklin Multi-Asset Dynamic Multi-Strategy VIT (formerly QS Legg Mason Dynamic Multi-Strategy VIT Portfolio) Date: July 31, 2020 Fee:

  • Relocations It is understood by the Parties that, as a general policy, Employees shall not be required to relocate from one geographic location to another against their will. However, the Employer and the Union recognize that in certain cases, relocations may be in the interest of the Employer and/or Employee. In such cases, an Employee will be fully advised of the reason for his/her relocation, as well as the possible result of refusal to be relocated.

  • KITCHEN The kitchen is for warming purposes only. It is equipped with commercial freezer and refrigerator, two large microwaves, and deep sinks for clean-up. Please remember that if warm drinks are put in the refrigerator, it may take a long time for the drinks to get cold. The Hancock Park District does not provide catering.

  • Protective Footwear Effective January 1, 2014, and on that date for each subsequent calendar year, the Hospital will provide $120 per calendar year to each full-time and each regular part-time employee who is required by the Hospital to wear safety footwear during the course of his duties. The employees who will be required to wear safety footwear will be negotiated locally and set out in the Local Provisions Appendix. Note: The existing central language designating the classifications of employees which are deemed to require appropriate safety footwear shall be transferred to the local appendix.

  • Footwear Where an employee is required by the College or by legislation, in order to perform his/her duties, to acquire and wear protective footwear, the employee shall provide the College with proof of purchase by March 1 each year and the College shall reimburse such employee, on the first pay day in April in each year, up to a maximum of one hundred and fifty dollar ($150.00). In situations other than the foregoing, the College may, in its discretion, (which discretion shall not be unreasonably exercised) reimburse such expense where it is recommended by the health and safety committee constituted under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Partitions In order to ensure maximum privacy for clients and to preserve the attorney-client privilege, the Employer agrees to construct floor to ceiling partitions for the offices of all casehandling staff where architecturally feasible. The feasibility of such construction may be limited by the cost relating to lighting and airflow.

  • FLOORING Developer shall provide carpeted flooring with non-static flooring in server 23 room.

  • Furloughs Effective July 1, 2011, there shall be no furloughs of bargaining unit members throughout the remainder of the term of this Agreement.

  • Moonlighting Moonlighting per the Graduate Medical Education Policy on Moonlighting is defined as voluntary, compensated, medically related work (not related to training requirements) performed either; within the institution in which the Resident is training; at any of its related participating sites; or at an outside institution unrelated to the Resident's training program. No Resident can be required to engage in such moonlighting activities. ACGME Requirements dictate that PGY I Residents are not allowed to moonlight. Senior Level Residents may not engage in moonlighting without prior notification to and written permission of the Program Director as per the Medical Education policy on Moonlighting. The Program Director reserves the right to prohibit moonlighting if such employment may interfere with the Resident’s duties and obligations to the Program or interfere with his/her clinical performance. In the event a Resident does moonlight, his/her performance will be monitored and evaluated to ensure compliance with the 80 hour work week restriction. Moonlighting activities, whether occurring within the sponsoring hospital or elsewhere, are not covered by Advocate’s Professional Liability Insurance as detailed in this Agreement.

  • Ceilings 13.1 Lambdaboard ceilings, minimum 25mm thick with a width of 1220mm x 1800mm, skimmed with Plascon EZ Joint and EZ Skim system.