For Adults Sample Clauses

For Adults. (1) preventive health care (e.g., initial health history and physical exam; mammography; papanicolaou smear).
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For Adults. If you sign for a minor under 14, you must stay to supervise that minor for the duration of the event.  I am fully aware that the activity associated with being a City volunteer involves certain risks of physical injury or death. That volunteer activity may involve difficult conditions, uneven terrain, unanticipated natural hazards, use of equipment, and/or strenuous manual labor, and I am dressed appropriately for this. Being fully informed as to these risks and in consideration of my being allowed to participate as a volunteer, I hereby assume all risk of injury, damage and harm to myself arising from such activities or use of City facilities. I also hereby individually and on behalf of my heirs, executors and assignees, release and hold harmless the City of Xxxxxxxx its officials, employees, volunteers and agents and waive any right of recovery that I might have to bring a claim or a lawsuit against them for any personal injury, death or other consequences occurring to me arising out of, or in any way connected to, my volunteer duties, except for those caused by the sole negligence of the City. Further, volunteers assume liability for any non-participants who accompany them. Volunteer Name: Volunteer Signature: Volunteer under age 14? No Yes If yes, see above, plus Minors: Parent Signature Required: Volunteer E-mail (optional): Volunteer Phone # (optional): Event/Activity: Date: Emergency Contact while volunteering: Name: Phone: Event/Activity Location: Group Affiliation (if any): Assigned City Staff Name: Volunteer Hours:
For Adults. Driving License, Pan Card, Election Card, Passport, Employment Card, Previous TPA ID Card / or any other Card /Document issued by Govt. Authorities.
For Adults. Driving License, Pan Card, Election Card, Passport, Government Employee Card, Aadhar card or else Photo affixed on Policy copy Duly Attested by Insurance company,
For Adults at the annual rate for the relevant Level of the part-time employee as prescribed at Clause 17.1, on a pro rata basis;

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  • Animals The Hirer shall ensure that no animals (including birds) except guide dogs are brought into the premises, other than for a special event agreed to by the Village Hall. No animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchen at any time.

  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL, RECYCLING, AND BIODEGRADABLE MATERIALS A. Concessionaire shall be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Concession Premises. Concessionaire shall ensure placement of all garbage and trash generated by the Concession Operation in designated containers and that said containers are emptied daily, or as more frequently required by Department, at a location within the Area designated by Department. Disposal costs from this latter location shall be borne by Department. Concessionaire shall provide such additional trash containers as may be required to keep the immediate Concession Premises clean at all times. The type of trash containers provided by Concessionaire shall be approved by Department prior to use.

  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES Psychotherapy is not easily described in general statements. It varies depending on the personalities of the psychologist and patient, and the particular problems you hope to address. There are many different methods I may use to deal with those problems. Psychotherapy is not like a medical doctor visit. Instead, it calls for a very active effort on your part. In order for the therapy to be most successful, you will have to work on things we talk about both during our sessions and at home. Psychotherapy can have benefits and risks. Because therapy often involves discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, you may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness. When treating insomnia specifically, therapy might cause you to experience increased sleepiness and fatigue, especially in the early phases of treatment. On the other hand, psychotherapy has also been shown to have benefits for people who go through it. Therapy often leads to better relationships, solutions to specific problems, significant reductions in feelings of distress, improved sleep, and less fatigue. But there are no guarantees as to what you will experience. Our first session will involve an evaluation of your needs. By the end of the evaluation, I will be able to offer you some first impressions of what our work will include and a treatment plan to follow, if you decide to continue with me for therapy. You should evaluate this information along with your own opinions about whether you feel comfortable working with me. At the end of the evaluation, I will notify you if I believe that I am not the right therapist for you and if so, I will give you referrals to other practitioners who I believe are better suited to help you. Therapy involves a large commitment of time, money, and energy, so you should be very careful about the therapist you select. If you have questions about my procedures, we should discuss them whenever they arise. If your doubts persist, I will be happy to help you set up a meeting with another mental health professional for a second opinion. Please note that the psychological services I provide are not for emergency situations. For emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. FEES My fee is $395 for an initial evaluation lasting 90 minutes, and $250 for each subsequent psychotherapy session (either in-person or over the telephone) lasting 45 minutes. I charge this same $250 per 45-minutes rate for other professional services you may need, though I will prorate the cost if I work for periods of less than 45 minutes in increments of 15 minutes, rounded to the nearest 15-minute increment (e.g., 22 minutes of service will be charged for 15 minutes whereas 23 minutes of service will be charged for 30 minutes). Other professional services include telephone conversations or email responses lasting longer than 15 minutes, and the time spent performing any other service you may request of me. If you become involved in legal proceedings that require my participation, you will be expected to pay for any professional time I spend on your legal matter, even if the request comes from another party, at the same $250 per 45-minutes rate. I do not charge for time spent writing reports and progress notes as per the standard routine of my care of you. I also do not charge for any time I may spend collaborating with your other providers. From time to time, I may institute fee increases and these will be discussed and agreed upon ahead of time with a new Treatment Contract. If it has been more than one year since our last appointment, then you will re-initiate services at my current standard fee which may be higher than the fee you were previously paying. In addition, if it has been more than one year since our last appointment, you will be scheduled for another initial evaluation (90 minutes) and charged accordingly, with subsequent 45-minute psychotherapy sessions thereafter. INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT You are responsible for paying your full session fee. I am not in-network with any insurance companies. If you decide to submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement for any out-of-network benefits you might have, you may do so. However, be aware that the services provided will still be charged to you, not your insurance company, and you are responsible for the full payment. I have no role in deciding what your insurance covers. You are responsible for checking your insurance coverage, deductibles, payment rates, pre-authorization procedures, etc. Missed appointments, late cancellations (i.e., cancellations within 24 hours of service), and telephone session are not typically covered by insurance companies and therefore you will likely be responsible for the full session fee in these instances. If your insurance company doesn’t reimburse you, I am not responsible for refunding you any payment you expected to be reimbursed or otherwise. I will provide you a superbill after each session with the following information that you will need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for any out-of-network benefits you might have:

  • Nurse Practitioner (Employer Appointed Position) “Nurse Practitioner” means a Registered Nurse appointed as such to a position approved by the employer and who is authorised by the Board under Section 95 of Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) No 86A. A Nurse Practitioner will have at least three years full-time equivalent experience in an advanced practice role and meets the national competency standards for Nurse Practitioners. A Nurse Practitioner functions autonomously and operates at a level of nursing that uses extended and expanded skills, experience and knowledge assessment, planning, implementation, diagnosis and evaluation of nursing care. A.5.1

  • Essential Personnel For a period of one year commencing on the effective date of this Agreement, the Adviser and the Fund agree that the retention of (i) the chief executive officer, president, chief financial officer and secretary of the Adviser and (ii) each director, officer and employee of the Adviser or any of its Affiliates (as defined in the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the "1940 Act")) who serves as an officer of the Fund (each person referred to in (i) or (ii) hereinafter being referred to as an "Essential Person"), in his or her current capacities, is in the best interest of the Fund and the Fund's shareholders. In connection with the Adviser's acceptance of employment hereunder, the Adviser hereby agrees and covenants for itself and on behalf of its Affiliates that neither the Adviser nor any of its Affiliates shall make any material or significant personnel changes or replace or seek to replace any Essential Person or cause to be replaced any Essential Person, in each case without first informing the Board of Trustees of the Fund in a timely manner. In Addition, neither the Adviser nor any Affiliate of the Adviser shall change or seek to change or cause to be changed, in any material respect, the duties and responsibilities of any Essential Person, in each case without first informing the Board of Trustees of the Fund in a timely manner.

  • Organ Transplants This plan covers organ and tissue transplants when ordered by a physician, is medically necessary, and is not an experimental or investigational procedure. Examples of covered transplant services include but are not limited to: heart, heart-lung, lung, liver, small intestine, pancreas, kidney, cornea, small bowel, and bone marrow. Allogenic bone marrow transplant covered healthcare services include medical and surgical services for the matching participant donor and the recipient. However, Human Leukocyte Antigen testing is covered as indicated in the Summary of Medical Benefits. For details see Human Leukocyte Antigen Testing section. This plan covers high dose chemotherapy and radiation services related to autologous bone marrow transplantation to the extent required under R.I. Law § 27-20-60. See Experimental or Investigational Services in Section 3 for additional information. To speak to a representative in our Case Management Department please call 1-401- 000-0000 or 1-888-727-2300 ext. 2273. The national transplant network program is called the Blue Distinction Centers for Transplants. SM For more information about the Blue Distinction Centers for TransplantsSM call our Customer Service Department or visit our website. When the recipient is a covered member under this plan, the following services are also covered: • obtaining donated organs (including removal from a cadaver); • donor medical and surgical expenses related to obtaining the organ that are integral to the harvesting or directly related to the donation and limited to treatment occurring during the same stay as the harvesting and treatment received during standard post- operative care; and • transportation of the organ from donor to the recipient. The amount you pay for transplant services, for the recipient and eligible donor, is based on the type of service.

  • Elements Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Proficient Exemplary IV-A-1. Reflective Practice Demonstrates limited reflection on practice and/or use of insights gained to improve practice. May reflect on the effectiveness of lessons/ units and interactions with students but not with colleagues and/or rarely uses insights to improve practice. Regularly reflects on the effectiveness of lessons, units, and interactions with students, both individually and with colleagues, and uses insights gained to improve practice and student learning. Regularly reflects on the effectiveness of lessons, units, and interactions with students, both individually and with colleagues; and uses and shares with colleagues, insights gained to improve practice and student learning. Is able to model this element.

  • Influenza Vaccine Upon recommendation of the Medical Officer of Health, all employees shall be required, on an annual basis to be vaccinated and or to take antiviral medication for influenza. If the costs of such medication are not covered by some other sources, the Employer will pay the cost for such medication. If the employee fails to take the required medication, she may be placed on an unpaid leave of absence during any influenza outbreak in the home until such time as the employee has been cleared by the public health or the Employer to return to the work environment. The only exception to this would be employees for whom taking the medication will result in the employee being physically ill to the extent that she cannot attend work. Upon written direction from the employee’s physician of such medical condition in consultation with the Employer’s physician, (if requested), the employee will be permitted to access their sick bank, if any, during any outbreak period. If there is a dispute between the physicians, the employee will be placed on unpaid leave. If the employee gets sick as a reaction to the drug and applies for WSIB the Employer will not oppose the application. If an employee is pregnant and her physician believes the pregnancy could be in jeopardy as a result of the influenza inoculation and/or the antiviral medication she shall be eligible for sick leave in circumstances where she is not allowed to attend at work as a result of an outbreak. This clause shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

  • Hepatitis B Vaccine Where the Hospital identifies high risk areas where employees are exposed to Hepatitis B, the Hospital will provide, at no cost to the employees, a Hepatitis B vaccine.

  • Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention and Control (a) The Hospital in consultation with the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) shall develop, establish and put into effect, musculoskeletal prevention and control measures, procedures, practices and training for the health and safety of employees.