Kitchen definition

Kitchen means a food preparation area that includes a sink, refrigerator and a microwave oven or stove.
Kitchen means an area used, or designed to be used, for the preparation of food.
Kitchen means any room containing any or all of the following equipment, or area of a room within three feet of such equipment: Sink and/or other device for dish washing, stove or other device for cooking, refrigerator or other device for cool storage of food, cabinets and/or shelves for storage of equipment and utensils, and counter or table for food preparation.

Examples of Kitchen in a sentence

  • SLC shall give the supplier notice of (As specified by the relevant Purchase Order) working days for delivery of goods to the Flight Kitchen.

  • Note: - Non matching with above brands, the items will have to be checked by Kitchen Supervisor & Stores In-charge and if not found proper then it should be returned back to the vendor through contractor.

  • Limited Accommodation / Kitchen space for cooking and serving patients / staff without any charge duly equipped with necessary appliance and utensils.

  • Kitchen equipments, refrigerators, water coolers, ventilation system etc will be provided by the Institute in working conditions and in case any of the equipment is not in working condition at the time of commencement of the contract, the contractor may arrange for its repair at reasonable cost to be paid by the institute.

  • The allotted space of Kitchen Area of PS(CRC) Building and RRS Building is approximate 2940 Sqft.=273 Sq.m. and license fee will be charged @Rs.940+18% GST per Sq.m. per month.

More Definitions of Kitchen

Kitchen means a separate and distinct area of the business establishment that is used only for the preparation, serving, and disposal of solid foods that make up meals. The area must be adequately equipped for cooking, serving, and storage of solid foods and must include at least twenty-one cubic feet of refrigerated space for food and a stove.
Kitchen means a food preparation area that includes a sink,
Kitchen means a habitable room used or intended to be used for cooking or the preparation of meals.
Kitchen means an area where food is prepared that includes a sink and one or more permanent cooking appliances.
Kitchen means a room, all or part of which is designed or used for storage, refrigeration, cooking and preparation of food.
Kitchen means a room or portion thereof containing permanent facilities designed and used for food preparation, cooking, eating and dish washing. A kitchen shall include all of the following: a sink with hot and cold running water; a stove-top/cook-top or an oven; a refrigerator; and built-in dish and utensil storage spaces. In addition to the aforementioned improvements, a kitchen may also include any of the following: microwave, convection oven, hot plate or automatic dishwasher.
Kitchen means a room or part of a room equipped for preparing and cooking meals and excludes a braai room, food and drink preparation area or bar facilities in an entertainment area;