Welding definition

Welding means the joining of material by means of heat or pressure or both so that the material is united in a homogenous mass.
Welding means a group of processes in which coalescence is produced by heating with an arc or arcs, with or without the application of pressure and with or without the use of filler metal.
Welding means the melting together of filler metal and base metal, or of base metal only, that results in coalescence.

Examples of Welding in a sentence

  • For each inspection, including fit-up, Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) verification, and final weld inspection, the QC Inspector shall confirm and document compliance with the requirements of the AWS or other specified code criteria and the requirements of these special provisions on all welded joints before welding, during welding, and after the completion of each weld.

  • Section 6.5.4 of AWS D1.5 is replaced with the following: The QC Inspector shall inspect and approve each joint preparation, assembly practice, welding technique, joint fit-up, and the performance of each welder, welding operator, and tack welder to make certain that the applicable requirements of this code and the approved Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) are met.

  • PAYMENTFull compensation for conforming to the requirements of "Welding" shall be considered as included in the contract prices paid for the various items of work involved and no additional compensation will be allowed therefor.

  • Prior to submitting the Welding Quality Control Plan (WQCP) required herein, a pre-welding meeting between the Engineer, Contractor, and any entity performing welding for this project, shall be held to discuss the requirements for the WQCP.

  • Prior to submitting the Welding Quality Control Plan (WQCP) required herein, a pre-welding meeting between the Engineer, Contractor and any welding subcontractors or entities hired by these subcontractors to be used in the work, shall be held to discuss the requirements for the WQCP.

  • US Welding proffers the expert testimony of Eric Kimberling, who is represented as an expert in the field of enterprise resource planning and enterprise systems, including software.

  • He may not, however, express his opinions by using the specialized legal terms, including negligence and fraud, which are at the heart of the claims asserted by US Welding.In its motion, US Welding raises a similar issue concerning an expert witness endorsed by TECSYS, Jean-Francois Landry.

  • WELDING 8-3.01 WELDING GENERALUnless otherwise specified, Section 8-3, "Welding," shall apply to any welding that is specified to conform to an AWS welding code.Requirements of the AWS welding codes shall apply unless otherwise specified in the Standard Specifications, on the plans, or in these special provisions.

  • US Welding contends the occasional use of lay terms such as fraud and negligence does not make these statements improper legal conclusions.In some contexts, terms such as fraud and negligence have an ordinary meaning, as opposed to a specialized legal meaning.

  • Mr. Landry is an employee of TECSYS who, on behalf of TECSYS, worked with US Welding in planning, implementing, and managing the software licensed by TECSYS to US Welding.

More Definitions of Welding

Welding means the process of joining metals by melting them.
Welding. As specified in Section 05050. 1.03 SUBMITTALS
Welding has been established and now operates in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation; the headquarters' legal address is Uxxxxxx, 000000, Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx xxx., 00 (hereinafter referred to as "IAW") Both sides hereinafter together referred to as "Parties".
Welding. Refer to the attached Exhibit C 1.17 for Price List information. Contractor agrees to apply a [omitted - confidential] discount as a reduction from this Price List and show such discount on every invoice issued by Contractor to Company for this particular service.

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