Welding definition

Welding means the joining of material by means of heat or pressure or both so that the material is united in a homogenous mass.
Welding means a group of processes in which coalescence is produced by heating with an arc or arcs, with or without the application of pressure and with or without the use of filler metal.
Welding means the process of joining metals by melting them.

Examples of Welding in a sentence

  • LIMITED SHUTDOWN The following may operate only between the hours of 8 P.M. and 1 P.M.: Power saws except at loading sites; Xxxxxx-bunchers with rotary head saws; Cable yarding; Blasting; Welding, cutting, or grinding of metal.

  • The following are permitted to operate between the hours of 8 P.M. and 1 P.M.: Power saws at loading sites; Loading or hauling of any product or material; Blasting; Welding, cutting, or grinding of metal; Any other spark emitting operation not specifically mentioned.

  • Welding and use of cutting torches or cutoff saws will be permitted only in areas that have been cleared or are free of all material capable of carrying fire.

  • Enrollment in Certificate of Completion Program Automotive, Business, Computer Science, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Fire Science, HVAC, Industrial Maintenance, Office Administration, Welding.

  • Air Compressor (1 portable); Fireman; Portable Crushers; Welding Machines (1 portable) Conveyors, Pump (1); Oiler; Heater (1).

  • Elective(s) 3 WAF 215 Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 4 WAF 288 Gas Metal Arc Welding 4 Semester Total 14 Semester 4 WAF 200 Layout Theory Welding 3 WAF 210 Welding Metallurgy 3 Soc.

  • Elective(s) 3 WAF 226 Specialized Welding Procedures 4 Semester Total 13 Semester 5 Nat.

  • When High Impact Welding process is used, the Pipe Xxxxxxx and the Welding Xxxxxxx shall supervise the crew(s) performing this function.

  • Welding related to electrical installation work is performed by an electrician with priority given to a journeyman qualified to perform welding work.

  • Air Compressor (1 portable); Fireman; Portable Crushers; Welding Machines (1 portable) Conveyors, Pump (1); Oiler; Heater (1) In accordance with currently recognized craft jurisdiction, the contractor shall determine the assignment of employees to start, stop, and maintain small portable construction equipment.

More Definitions of Welding

Welding means the melting together of filler metal and base metal, or of base metal only, that results in coalescence.
Welding. As specified in Section 05050. 1.03 SUBMITTALS
Welding. Refer to the attached Exhibit C 1.17 for Price List information. Contractor agrees to apply a [omitted - confidential] discount as a reduction from this Price List and show such discount on every invoice issued by Contractor to Company for this particular service.
Welding has been established and now operates in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation; the headquarters' legal address is Uxxxxxx, 000000, Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx xxx., 00 (hereinafter referred to as "IAW") Both sides hereinafter together referred to as "Parties".

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