Fittings Sample Clauses

Fittings. 3.2.1 Landing gear support structure and attachment fitting
Fittings. 2.2.1 Support structure and attachment fittings for the flap structure
Fittings. 2.4.1 Attachment fittings for the flap structure
Fittings. Includes, but is not limited to, plumbing systems, electrical circuits, sockets, switches, lamp holders, doors, locks and glazing. Garden(s): Includes any plantings, xxxxxx and/or trees or other land let to you as part of the Property. Independent: Someone not affiliated with the Council or Tenant who can provide the necessary advice, such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and Shelter Housing Advice Centres.
Fittings. Ductile iron fittings shall be epoxy coated and meet the requirements of ANSI/AWWA C153/A21.53 or ANSI/AWWA C110 A21.10 with a minimum pressure rating of 250 psi. Ends shall be restrained mechanical joint. All ductile iron fittings shall bear the NSF approval seal for potable water pipe.
Fittings. All newly installed fire hydrants will be equipped with a Storz fitting with cap. CITY requires Storz fitting according to City of Fernley Public Work Design Standards, and City Municipal Codes.
Fittings. Weather sealing shall be of materials that are compatible with aluminium and shall be such that any degradation, shrinking, warping or adherence to sliding or closing surfaces does not impair the performance of the installation. Glazing beads, gaskets and glazing compounds shall be of materials that are compatible with the aluminium finishes, the glass and any other glazing materials. Putty glazing is not permitted. Hardware, bearing devices and fittings in general shall be made of materials resistant to atmospheric corrosion and shall be of a design so as to be accessible for adjustment, repair and replacement after the window, etc have been installed. Fastenings shall be of material which is compatible with aluminium and aluminium finishes. Carried to Collection R Section 2
Fittings. The supports must be manufactured and attached to the container body in such a way as not to cause dangerous concentrations of stresses or be conducive to the collection of water.
Fittings. 1. Fittings shall conform to AWWA C110 or C153 and shall have a pressure rating of not less than that specified for pipe.