Use of PTO Sample Clauses

Use of PTO. A nurse will be required to take his or her accrued PTO during the leave, except where required by law.
Use of PTO. 10.5.1 PTO may be used as soon as it is earned, up to the amount accrued in the pay period immediately preceding the time off, in accordance with the provisions of this Article. PTO may not be used in advance of its accrual, on regularly scheduled days off, or to claim pay for time lost due to tardiness.
Use of PTO. Employees are expected to schedule and take a minimum of forty (40) hours of PTO per year. PTO (or extended illness hours) must be used for all time off taken by an employee. An employee, however, may choose to take prescheduled time off without pay in lieu of PTO for personal convenience of four (4) hours or less in one day, not to exceed four (4) times per calendar year.
Use of PTO. 1. Accrued PTO may not be used until the nurse has been continuously employed for at least six (6) months, except in the case of a mandatory Low Census (if requested by the nurse).
Use of PTO. Employees are encouraged to use at least forty (40) PTO hours per year for vacation. Employees may access PTO hours to cover low census days. Employees may carry over up to 80 hours of unused PTO hours for use during the next anniversary year. Employees may not utilize any PTO hours that would result in a negative balance. Employees may not access PTO while receiving workers’ compensation time loss payments.
Use of PTO. PTO may be used as soon as it is earned, in accordance with the 8 provisions of this section, except that time off for vacation purposes may not be 9 taken until successful completion of the probationary period.
Use of PTO a. PTO may be used as soon as it is earned. PTO may not be used in advance and may not be used on regularly scheduled days off.
Use of PTO. Employees may use PTO on and after the 90th day of employment. PTO use for vacation and/or leading up to an unpaid personal leave of absence must be approved by the supervisor. PTO is paid at the employee’s regular base rate of pay at the time PTO is taken. Employees may use PTO for vacation, protected leave associated with the employee’s own health or health of a family member, if they are sick, disabled (including birth and care of a newborn child or placement with the employee of a child for adoption or xxxxxx care), or leading up to an unpaid personal leave of absence. PTO used for sick time will be tracked by the Employer and considered protected up to the amount outlined in the applicable federal, state, and/or local laws, for the location in which the employee works. Use of PTO may allow an employee to exceed their standard weekly hours unless the employee chooses otherwise. In the event the employee does not choose to be paid for more than their standard weekly hours, the employee must submit a written request to their supervisor or designee for the PTO adjustment no later than 10:00 AM on the day in which timesheets are due.
Use of PTO. (1) PTO may be used as soon as it is earned, except for new hires who have not completed their ninety (90) work day probationary period. PTO may not be used in advance with an agreement to reimburse the Hospital and may not be used on regularly scheduled days off. PTO may be used on any of the worked holidays specified in Section 2 of this Article.
Use of PTO. PTO may be used by the employee for any purpose. Use of PTO must be approved by the employee’s supervisor or their designee in advance of use except in cases of emergency. PTO may be used in 15-minute increments.