Use of Personal Vehicles Sample Clauses

Use of Personal Vehicles. If the Employer is unable to provide transportation for the employee for projects located within ZONE II or ZONE III and the employee is requested to use his own vehicle by the Employer, the following shall apply:
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Use of Personal Vehicles. When employees are authorized to use their personal vehicles to transport clients or residents in the care of the State, the State agrees to provide, subject to the rules and regulations of the Comptroller, a supplemental mileage allowance rate of seven cents ($.07) per mile for the use of such personal vehicle.
Use of Personal Vehicles a. Association members who are required as a regular part of their duties to make use of a personal vehicle to drive between work sites on a regular basis shall be paid a kilometerage allowance according to Board Procedure (2440P).
Use of Personal Vehicles. 160. The City shall reimburse an employee who is required by an authorized supervisor to use his or her own vehicle for City business at the rate set by the Controller pursuant to Administrative Code Section 10.34 and shall, in addition, reimburse the employee for all necessary parking meter, authorized parking lot, and toll expenses incurred while in the field. For those days on which the employee is required to use his own vehicle for City business, the City will reimburse the employee for the cost of parking the vehicle at an approved parking lot near the employee’s work site. DPH will attempt, to arrange with the appropriate City departments, including the Police Department, for the recognition of cars on official City business so as to avoid the imposition of parking tickets when parking meter times are exceeded. No employee using his or her own vehicle will be required to transport a patient in said vehicle. UAPD agrees that it shares the responsibility for these efforts, as do City employees.
Use of Personal Vehicles. Employees who use their vehicles for business purposes must ensure that vehicles to be used are insured for “business purposes” by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). Such Employees may request and receive a Revenue Canada Form T2200 from the Employer while employed under this agreement.
Use of Personal Vehicles. Employees who are required to use their personal vehicles for local business travel must receive the prior approval of their Supervisor. The employee will be reimbursed at the Employer’s policy rate which at the time of the signing of this agreement is fifty-two cents (52¢) per kilometre. This clause will not apply to any travel from the employee’s place of residence to their established headquarters or the BCAA Head Office.
Use of Personal Vehicles. Section 1. If an employee is requested to use their personal vehicle, the employee shall be paid the standard County per mile rate to offset their automobile expenses, payable on a quarterly basis. Otherwise, employees shall be responsible to provide their own, reliable transportation when directed to travel for Department business. Employees shall be required to make such travel in a reasonable amount of time. However, employees assigned to the floating positions shall not be eligible for mileage reimbursement for travel to and from work locations.
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Use of Personal Vehicles. Employees traveling on duty will be provided a City vehicle or paid for the cost of travel including a personal vehicle or other approved transportation. The rate of mileage reimbursement shall be the rate set by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The mileage reimbursement shall be from the employee’s home or work site to the destination and back, whichever is the shortest. Employees who are offered transportation, but choose to use their own personal vehicle will not be eligible for mileage reimbursement. The City is responsible for providing secondary insurance coverage to cover claims not covered by the primary insurance carrier. The City shall not require the use of a personal vehicle as a condition of employment. This section shall also apply to Park Seasonals.
Use of Personal Vehicles. No employee shall use their personal vehicle for the transportation of the Employer's tools and/or materials. Vehicle ownership shall not be considered as a condition of employment.
Use of Personal Vehicles. No unit member shall be penalized in any way for refusal to use his/her own vehicle on District business.
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