Doors Sample Clauses

Doors. Exterior doors may not be propped open for safety and security reasons. Students may be referred to the student conduct system if found propping these doors. Doors marked as emergency exits may only be used for emergency purposes other than during University-sanctioned move-in days.
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Doors. 3.1.1 Doors shall meet the following standards:
Doors. Doors for entrance to and exit from the Premises shall be kept closed at all times, except when in use for entering or exiting the Premises.
Doors. Propping open entrance, exit, or fire doors puts all members of the community at risk and is, therefore, prohibited. It is also prohibited to take any action that impedes the ability to open any door in a public area that should be accessible, nor is one permitted to prevent another person from exiting his or her own room.
Doors a) White painted main door, solid core flush door with lock and latches. Other doors flush door with locks.
Doors. All Living Room , Bedroom, Toilets and Kitchen Doors to be Flush door with Xxx xxxx frames, architrave and Xxxxxxx/Hafele fittings Main door to be Decorative flush door with Xxx xxxx frames and architrave Electronic door lock and video door phone. Servant Room & Servant Toilet Door to be Flush door with Xxx xxxx frames and architrave Balcony Door to be Aluminium sliding door with full glazing
Doors. Outside doors and fire doors must be kept closed at all times except for ingress and egress.
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Doors. (a) All frames to be 16 gauge, pressed steel, painted.
Doors a. All private office and conference room doors to be matching full height doors (existing)
Doors. Hallway doors, fire doors, and exterior doors may not be propped open at any time. Tampering with or dismantling door closures is not permitted.
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