Service Personnel definition

Service Personnel means all personnel as provided in §18A-4-8 of this code. For the purpose of computations under this article of ratios of service personnel to net enrollment, a service employee shall be counted as that number found by dividing his or her number of employment days in a fiscal year by 200: Provided, That the computation for any service person employed for three and one-half hours or fewer per day as provided in §18A-4-8a of this code shall be calculated as one-half an employment day.
Service Personnel means those employees (if any), whether they are an employee of the Supplier or of any sub-contractor appointed by the Supplier to provide the Services, whose principle purpose immediately prior to the Transfer Event is the carrying out of the Services and whose contract of employment will be transferred to IPL or a New Supplier as a result of the Transfer Event;
Service Personnel means all Personnel (including Personnel of the Subcontractors) provided by or to be provided by the Contractor to perform the Contract.

Examples of Service Personnel in a sentence

  • Digitalis hereby acknowledges and agrees that it, or its Permitted Sub-contractors (as the case may be), is the employer of the Service Personnel and nothing in this Agreement or any Statement of Work shall constitute a relationship of employment between The Client or the Service Recipients and Digitalis, or The Client or the Service Recipients and any of Service Personnel.

  • In the conduct of any audit, Digitalis shall provide and procure in the case of its Service Personnel and Affiliates, such assistance as The Client or the Auditors may reasonably require to conduct the audit.

  • The Client shall not be liable for any of the acts or omissions of Digitalis and/or the Service Personnel.

  • It is the intention of the Parties that no Service Personnel or any other persons should transfer to The Client, the The Client Affiliates or a Successor Supplier during the Term or on the termination or expiration of this Agreement or any Statement of Work howsoever or whenever arising.

  • Digitalis will notify The Client if it becomes aware of any breach by it or any Service Personnel of any The Client Policies.

More Definitions of Service Personnel

Service Personnel means those who serve the school or schools as a whole, in a nonprofessional capacity, including such areas as secretarial, custodial, maintenance, transportation, school lunch and as aides.
Service Personnel means the Supplier's and its Affiliates officers, employees, agents, contractors, and their officers, employees, agents and contractors;
Service Personnel means serving uniformed personnel of the Armed Forces of the Crown and qualifying civilians.
Service Personnel means personnel belonging to or connected with any one of the Forces referred to in the definition ofForces Commanders”; and
Service Personnel means personnel belonging to or connected with
Service Personnel means an employee or SUBCONTRACTOR of COMPANY supplied to either commission, maintain, operate or otherwise interact with the EQUIPMENT on behalf of the CLIENT, to train the CLIENT’S personnel (including agency personnel) in the use of the EQUIPMENT or otherwise perform WORK under the CONTRACT.
Service Personnel means persons who are subject to any of the Service