Subscriber Sample Clauses

Subscriber. Any Person, firm, corporation or other entity, who or which contracts with the Licensee and lawfully receives, for any purpose, a Cable Service provided or distributed by the Licensee by means of, or in connection with, Cable Television System.
Subscriber. A Person who lawfully receives Cable Service over the Cable System with Franchisee’s express permission.
Subscriber. An individual or an organization that has requested a CA to issue him, her or it a Digital Certificate.
Subscriber. A person who meets all applicable eligibility requirements as described in this Certificate and on the Schedule of Benefits, has enrolled in HMO, and is subject to Premium requirements as set forth in the Premiums section of the Group Agreement.
Subscriber. A Subscriber is any person or entity who has executed an HCC Subscriber Agreement and makes reservations with a Participating Entity. A list of current Subscribers will be provided by HCC to Participant by the twenty-fifth (25th) of each month.
Subscriber. (AGENCY) Subscriber must attach written verification of authority to sign on behalf of and bind the entity, such as an opinion of counsel or resolution. Name: (PRINTED) Signed: Title: (with delegated authority) Date: Name: (PRINTED) Signed: Title: (with delegated authority) Date: 2. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY, BUREAU OF CRIMINAL APPREHENSION Name: (PRINTED) Signed: Title: (with delegated authority) Date: 3. COMMISSIONER OF ADMINISTRATION delegated to Materials Management Division By: Date: 4. COURTS Authority granted to Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Name: (PRINTED) Signed: Title: (with authorized authority) Date:
Subscriber. Any real estate broker, appraiser, or other real estate related business professional that purchases Multiple Listing Services from the MLS. Subscriber Data: Data relating to real estate for sale, previously sold or listed for sale, including the Internet Data Exchange Database, and data relating to Subscribers entered into the MLS System by Subscribers and the MLS. The Outer Banks Association of REALTORS, Inc. owns the Subscriber Data. MLS’S OBLIGATIONS
Subscriber. A person or entity who contracts with the Licensee for, and lawfully receives, the video signals and Cable Services distributed by the Cable Communications System.
Subscriber. A Subscriber is someone who signed or had an appropriate legal representative sign the Application for Individual Coverage, and whose application We have accepted. The Subscriber must be a resident of Louisiana.
Subscriber. A natural person or Legal Entity to whom a Certificate is issued and who is legally bound by a Subscriber Agreement or Terms of Use. Suspect Code: Code that contains malicious functionality or serious vulnerabilities, including spyware, malware and other code that installs without the user’s consent and/or resists its own removal or detection, and code that can be exploited in ways not intended by its designers to compromise the trustworthiness of the platforms on which it executes.