Motor Vehicle Sample Clauses

Motor Vehicle a. any self-propelled vehicle or machine, designed for movement on land or in water;
Motor Vehicle. Where You have purchased a motor vehicle with the Funding:
Motor Vehicle. Employer may, in its sole discretion, provide Employee with the use of a motor vehicle to be selected in the reasonable discretion of Employer, or pay a monthly car allowance. If Employer does provide Employee with the use of a motor vehicle, Employer shall procure, maintain, and pay for appropriate insurance on the motor vehicle, including liability insurance of at least $250,000.00 per person and $500,000.00 per occurrence for personal injury and $300,000.00 for property damage.
Motor Vehicle. The Company shall provide Employee with a class 7 motor vehicle for use by the Employee in accordance with Company policy, as established from time to time. The motor vehicle shall be returned by the Employee to the Company upon the cessation of the Employee’s employment with the Company for any reason. The Company will bear all reasonable expenses relating to the use of the motor vehicle, including maintenance, insurance, fuel and repairs, in accordance with Company policy in effect from time to time. The Employee’s Salary shall be grossed up by such amount so as to fully cover all taxes payable in connection with the use of the motor vehicle. The Employee shall be responsible for payment of all fines, penalties and tickets relating to the use of the motor vehicle during the period it had been put at the Employee’s disposal, as well as, where applicable, any penalties actually incurred as a result of the early return of the motor vehicle to the leasing company at the Employee’s initiative, including as a result of termination of the Employee’s employment by the Employee for any reason whatsoever. The Employee shall not in any circumstances have any lien over the motor vehicle. It is further agreed and acknowledged by the Employee that any benefit arising to the Employee pursuant hereto shall in no way be deemed to form part of the Salary and the Employee shall have no claim against the Company for any severance pay or any social or other employment benefits arising from or based upon such benefits. To avoid doubt, the Employee shall not be entitled to use a motor vehicle during unpaid leaves of absences from the Company (unless otherwise required by applicable law) and the Employee shall return the motor vehicle for the duration of any such period.
Motor Vehicle. Where you are required to use their own private motor vehicle for business related travel the Practice will reimburse you for the cost of that travel at the set rate per kilometre as determined by the Australian Taxation Office. You must advise the Practice Principal in writing of the distance of the business related motor vehicle use incurred. Any business related motor vehicle use and expense must be approved by the Practice Principal prior to it being incurred.
Motor Vehicle. If any motor vehicle is used in connection with the operation of the Mortgaged Property, vehicle liability Insurance of at least $1 million per accident.
Motor Vehicle. Ownership of a motor vehicle will not be considered a condition of employment for the performance of the employee's duties once he/she has arrived at his/her point of assembly.
Motor Vehicle. (1) A practitioner who is provided with a fully maintained motor vehicle for official use which is also available for private use in accordance with the conditions laid down by the Director General of Health, shall pay 100% of the standard charges for private use set by the Department of Health or Government Agency responsible for establishing the charges.
Motor Vehicle. Section Managers Section Managers will be provided with an allowance sufficient to cover the total costs of providing a large luxury passenger sedan or equivalent plus any Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) liability and are to meet any excess from their gross salary or may retain any savings (from the packaged amount), should the actual cost of the personal benefit value of the vehicle be greater than or less than the agreed personal benefit value. The quantum of the allowance will be negotiated with the Section Managers and the General Manager in accordance with the Motor Vehicles and Other Related Benefits Management Directive. Please note that employees who are entitled to receive a Motor Vehicle Allowance have the ability to make an additional contribution to a motor vehicle of their choice.