First Payment Sample Clauses

First Payment. As of the Cut-off Date, the related Obligor has made the initial payment on such Receivable.
First Payment. The first payment of Rent (being a proportionate sum if necessary), in respect of the period from and including the Commencement Date, to and including the day before the next Rent Payment Date, is to be paid within 10 Business Days of the Commencement Date.
First Payment. As of the Initial Cutoff Date, Obligors had not yet made the first payment in respect of Initial Receivables representing less than _____% of the Initial Pool Balance.
First Payment. The first payment on each Receivable with respect to which the first payment was not yet due as of the Cutoff Date will be made in full no later than the 45th day after its due date.
First Payment. If the first full monthly payment under the Note not being paid within five (5) days of notice that such payment is late (provided, however, that such grace period relates only to the recourse trigger described in this paragraph);
First Payment. Each employee shall receive their first salary payment within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the commencement of their duties.
First Payment. On the First Payment Date, the Company shall pay to Purchaser an amount equal to (i) the Purchaser Percentage, multiplied by (ii) the Revenue Percentage, multiplied by (iii) the Total Revenue of the Company for the period beginning on the Sharing Start Date and ending on the last day of the month before the First Payment Date.
First Payment. Company will pay one-half of the Retention Payment to Employee promptly following the day of Closing, provided the Employee has not breached any provision of this Agreement.