Operations Manual definition

Operations Manual means a manual containing procedures, instructions and guidance for use by operational personnel in the execution of their duties;
Operations Manual means the detailed requirements for operation of the Transportation System as described in Appendix A.
Operations Manual means the Managed Security Services Operation Manual.

Examples of Operations Manual in a sentence

  • The State may require that the Contractor and Contractor Parties undergo criminal background checks as provided for in the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Administration and Operations Manual or such other State document as governs procedures for background checks.

  • The service is established from the provision of a Standard Install as described in the Bitstream Operations Manual.

  • Further details will be described in the site manuals (e.g. Laboratory Manual, Site Operations Manual, Pharmacy Manual).Note: In case of early discontinuation, the subject should be encouraged to perform end-of-treatment assessments as detailed for the MAD Week 25 visit (excluding IMP administration).

  • The IVA role is to provide independent confirmation of the results reported by the MoT and the Provinces to the MoF and the Bank, which will consist of (i) financial audit, and (ii) verification of the achievements of the DLIs. The Financial Audit and the verification of DLIs will be conducted in accordance with the agreed verification protocol/audit terms of reference provided in the Operations Manual (OM).

  • CDCR PolicyThe CDCR policy is found in Department Operations Manual (DOM), Chapter 5, Article 44.

More Definitions of Operations Manual

Operations Manual means the (CCM POOL NAME) Operations Manual for the operation of the Chassis Pool as it may be amended from time to time.
Operations Manual means the manual, dated February 22, 2001 for purposes of identification, approved by ATI, the Insurers and the Association, which, collectively, consists of Part 1: The Imports Facility, Part 2: The Exports Facility, Part 3: The Environment Operations Manual and Part 4: The Financial Management Manual, and which sets out the operating policies, rules and procedures to be applied and observed by ATI in connection with the operation of the Insurance Facility and related matters, as said manual may be amended by ATI with the approval of the Association and the Insurers;
Operations Manual or “OM” means the operations manual to be adopted by the Project Implementing Entity pursuant to the provisions of Section I.B.1 of the Schedule to the Project Agreement.
Operations Manual means the CaliforniaCare PMG Operations Manual.
Operations Manual means this Operations Manual, as may be amended from time to time under its terms, of which the English version is the operative version.
Operations Manual. – means the manual designated as such by the Corporation and any schedule to the Operations Manual including the Risk Manual, as amended from time to time.
Operations Manual is means a set of written policies and procedures for the operation of a jail in compliance with state and federal law and the minimum standards for the operation of jails. set forth in Sections .0100 through .1100 and Section .1300 of this Subchapter.