Title to the Sample Clauses

Title to the. Marine Fuel shall pass to the Buyer upon full payment for the value of the Marine Fuel delivered, pursuant to the terms of clause 12. Until such full payment has been made, the Seller shall have a lien over the Vessel and her bunkers for the value of the Marine Fuel delivered. If the Marine Fuel has been commingled with other bunkers on board of the Vessel, the Seller shall have a lien over the Vessel and such part of the commingled bunkers as corresponds with the value of the quantity of Marine Fuel delivered.
Title to the. New Right of Way will exclude oil, gas, and sulfur from the deed without any right in the owners to ingress or egress to or from the surface of the land for the purpose of exploring, developing, drilling, or mining.
Title to the. Tenements
Title to the. Crude Oil shall remain with and shall vest in Producer or Producer’s Designated Shipper; provided, however, that title to Crude Oil that is retained as a Deduction in accordance with Section 7.3 herein, will transfer to and shall vest in Carrier as it is retained.
Title to the. Local Facilities shall be vested exclusively in District, subject to the contractual rights of Agency and the rights of DWR, as described herein. The rights and obligations of the Parties to the Local Facilities as set forth herein shall run with and bind the facilities designated herein for joint use.
Title to the. Turbine Equipment shall transfer to the Owner upon Owner’s payment of the entire Contract Price to Contractor. Regardless of the passage of title, upon the delivery of each component or part of the Turbine Equipment: blades FOB to Hamburg (Germany) Dock or location to be specified; and, nacelle and hub FOB to TECO Dock, Round Rock, Texas, care, custody and control of, and risk of loss or damage to, such component or part shall thereupon transfer to the Owner.
Title to the goods to be delivered will pass to the Purchaser when payment in full for the goods has been received by the Company. Until the date of final payment,
Title to the. Goods shall pass to Buyer as the work progresses and when parts are identified and marked for the purpose of the Purchase Order. Supplier shall clearly xxxx these materials and if possible, keep these items separated from other materials.
Title to the. Marine Fuels delivered shall remain vested in the Seller until full payment has been received by the Seller of the agreed price together with all interest, cost, and expenses due. If prior to full payment, the Marine Fuel delivered by the Seller to the receiving vessel is commingled with other marine fuel, the Seller shall have title to such quantities of such commingled marine fuel which correspond to the quantities of Marine Fuel delivered to the receiving vessel. The above is without prejudice to other rights the Seller may have against the Buyer and/or the receiving vessel in the event of non-payment
Title to the. Purchased Security shall pass to Buyer and Buyer shall have free and unrestricted use of the Purchased Security until such time as the Repurchase Price and any and all other amounts payable to Buyer under the Repo Agreement and the other Transaction Documents have been paid in full in cash. Nothing in the Repo Agreement or this Confirmation shall preclude Buyer from engaging in repurchase transactions with the Purchased Security or otherwise pledging or hypothecating the Purchased Security, but no such transaction shall relieve Buyer of its obligations to transfer Purchased Security to Seller pursuant to the Repo Agreement or this Confirmation. Nothing contained in the Repo Agreement or this Confirmation shall obligate Buyer to segregate the Purchased Security delivered to Buyer by Seller.