Existing Business Sample Clauses

Existing Business. Remain and cause each Consolidated Company to remain engaged in business of the same general nature and type as conducted on the Closing Date.
Existing Business. Maintain its line of business as engaged in as of the Closing Date unless otherwise consented to by Lender in writing.
Existing Business. (a) Each Company hereby cedes, and the Reinsurer hereby assumes, one hundred percent (100%) of all Losses occurring on Insurance Contracts for which such Company is liable (other than Losses assumed under the Commercial Lines Cut-Through QSA and the Personal Lines Cut-Through QSA). All Losses reinsured hereunder and any payments of Claims with respect to such Losses by the Reinsurer shall be net Inuring Reinsurance paid and collected for the benefit of the applicable Company.
Existing Business. 3.2.1 In this, and the following Section 6 entitled Commission, the ‘expiry date’ of the contract may be different to the ‘renewal date’ (i.e. the date renewal terms are accepted). For the purposes of broker recognition for the payment of commission it is the expiry date of the outgoing contract period that is of consequence and not the conclusion of renewal negotiations/acceptance of terms.
Existing Business. The Borrower shall maintain its business as engaged in as of the Closing Date unless otherwise consented to by the Bank in writing.
Existing Business. The Company and the Subsidiaries agree that they will, and the Stockholders will cause the Company and the Subsidiaries to, conduct all of the business of the Company and the Subsidiaries and all other subsidiaries of the Company existing as of the Closing Date (the "Existing Business") exclusively through the New L.L.C. (which conduct of business shall for the purposes of this Section 6.02 include the delegations of functions to certain Subsidiaries of the Company contemplated by Section 3.4(a) of the New L.L.C. Agreement).