Investment Holding definition

Investment Holding as defined in the Recitals hereto.
Investment Holding means CDRSVM Investment Holding, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and any successor in interest thereto.
Investment Holding. CDRSVM Investment Holding, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and any successor thereto.

Examples of Investment Holding in a sentence

  • References to “we” and “our” refer to Temasek, namely Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited and its Investment Holding Companies (IHCs).

  • By the date of this report, Shenzhen Konka Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

  • Our combined international equity performance was a loss of 1.92% for the quarter, underperforming the 1.41% loss recorded by the benchmark index.

  • Capital profits arising from the Company’s investment transactions are held as Capital Reserves, subdivided between Gains on Disposal for profits arising upon sales of investments and Investment Holding gains/losses for portfolio revaluations.

  • STC Gulf Investment Holding 1 SPC is wholly-owned by STC Gulf Investment Holding SPC, which in turn is wholly-owned by STC.

  • On 27 August 2007, Bank Islam filed a civil suit against four (4) former senior management staff of the then Bank Islam Labuan Ltd (“BILL”) (“the Defendants”) claiming an amount of USD8,586,483.00 being the outstanding financing facilities granted by BILL to certain customers whose accounts have been in default, namely Faaris Investment Holding Plc, Profound Heritage Sdn Bhd, Commerce Resources Inc., Commerce Trading Inc., Crest Group, Crestek Inc.

  • The fair value of financial liabilities for disclosure purposes is estimated by discounting the future contractual cash flows at the current market interest rate that is available to the Investment Holding for similar financial instruments.

  • The Company entered into a Shareholders Agreement (“the Shareholders Agreement”) dated 17 November 2009 between Sembcorp Oman First Investment Holding Co Ltd (“SOFIH”) 40% shareholder, Sembcorp Oman IPO Holding Co Ltd (“SOIHL”) 20% shareholder and Inma Power & Water Company LLC (“IPWC”) 40% shareholder.

  • Therefore, Starite International Limited, Zuo Xin and SRE Investment Holding Limited are deemed to be interested in the Shares held by Zhi Tong Investment Limited Partnership under Part XV of the SFO.

  • SRE Investment Holding Limited retains the voting rights attached to the Shares.

More Definitions of Investment Holding

Investment Holding means, prior to the Investment Holding Conversion, CDRSVM Investment Holding, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and following the Investment Holding Conversion, CDRSVM Investment Holding, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

Related to Investment Holding

  • Direct holdings means all publicly traded securities of a company that are held directly by the state treasurer or a retirement system in an actively managed account or fund in which the retirement system owns all shares or interests.

  • Sub-Investment Manager means for each Fund any sub-investment manager or sub-investment managers indicated in the relevant Supplement and any sub-investment manager that the relevant Investment Manager may appoint in the future to manage the Fund, provided that disclosure of any such sub-investment managers appointed by the Investment Managers will be provided to Shareholders upon request and details thereof will be disclosed in the periodic reports to Shareholders, and provided further that each Sub-Investment Manager may appoint a sub-investment manager/advisor to manage/advise any portion of the assets of any Fund to which it has been appointed Sub-Investment Manager in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank Rules;

  • Fortress means Fortress Investment Group LLC.

  • Management Holder means Holders who are employed by, or serve as consultants to or directors of, the Company or any of its Subsidiaries.

  • Private Investment means a securities offering that is exempt from registration under certain provisions of the U.S. securities laws and/or similar laws of non-U.S. jurisdictions. It includes investments in hedge funds, private equity funds, limited partnerships, real estate, peer to peer lending clubs and private businesses.

  • Equity Investment means (i) an Equity Security; and (ii) an ownership interest in any company or other entity, any membership interest that includes a voting right in any company or other entity, any interest in real estate; and any investment or transaction which in substance falls into any of these categories even though it may be structured as some other form of investment or transaction.

  • Investment Management Agreement means the Investment Management Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, by and between the Investment Manager and the Borrower.

  • Investment Vehicle means a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, association, or other entity, either domestic or foreign, managed by an external manager in which a board is the majority investor and that is organized in order to invest with, or retain the investment management services of, other external managers.

  • Goldman Sachs means Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC.

  • Minimum Holding means the minimum number or value of Shares which must be held by Shareholders as specified in the relevant Supplement.

  • Management Holders means the holders of units in Management Company.

  • Asset management means a systematic process of operating and maintaining the state system of

  • Capital investment means an investment in real property, personal property, or both, at a

  • GS shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • Unit Capital means the aggregate of the face value of units issued under the scheme and outstanding for the time being.

  • Investment Vehicles means any investment company or pooled investment fund, including, but not limited to, mutual fund families, exchange-traded funds, fund of funds and hedge funds, in which a Defendant has or may have a direct or indirect interest, or as to which its affiliates may act as an investment advisor, but of which a Defendant or its respective affiliates is not a majority owner or does not hold a majority beneficial interest.

  • Investment Client means (i) any investment company registered as such under the Investment Company Act, any series thereof, or any component of such series for which the Adviser acts as investment adviser; or (ii) any private account for which the Adviser acts as investment adviser.

  • Asset Management Company means an asset Management Company as defined in the Rules and Regulations.

  • CFC Holding Company means any Domestic Subsidiary that owns no material assets (directly or indirectly) other than Equity Interests and debt of one or more CFCs or Domestic Subsidiaries that are themselves CFC Holding Companies.

  • Holdings LLC Agreement means the Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Agreement of Holdings dated as of the Closing Date.