Other Consideration Sample Clauses

Other Consideration. In the case of a sale or other disposal of Licensee’s Licensed Product for value other than in an arm’s-length transaction exclusively for money, such as barter or counter-trade, the amount of such sale shall be calculated using the fair market value of such Licensed Product (if higher than the stated sales price) in the country of disposition.
Other Consideration. As additional consideration, Purchaser shall also assume the Assumed Liabilities at the time of Closing.
Other Consideration. 11.1 Natural resource issuer - Where a natural resource issuer proposes to acquire from a person a resource property or an option on a resource property, the value of which is not supported by a valuation opinion, the following principles apply:
Other Consideration. In any other form of legal consideration that may be acceptable to the Committee.
Other Consideration. The Corporation acknowledges that all compensation set forth herein shall be in addition to any and all consideration issued to the Executive in the form of shares of capital stock of the Corporation in accordance with the Exchange Agreement.
Other Consideration. The Company shall pay the monthly management fees of Chatham Enterprises, LLC, relating to the aircraft which Executive has an ownership interest, consistent with terms of the existing management agreement, and any amendments, replacements or modifications thereto which change the management fee and which may be approved by the Company.
Other Consideration. The Investor shall have delivered in executed form, all necessary documentation to vest title in the Other Consideration in the Company.
Other Consideration. In further consideration of the sale by DE, and the purchase by THI, of the Assets, subject to the condition precedent set forth in this Agreement, at the Closing, THI shall issue to DE warrants to purchase 250,000 shares of THI common stock at an exercise price of $2.50 per share ("Warrants") and shall reserve such number of shares of its common stock for issuance upon exercise thereof. The Warrants shall be in the form and contain the terms and conditions attached hereto as Exhibit 3.3. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement or Exhibit 3.3, none of such Warrants or the shares issuable upon exercise thereof shall be registered and certificates evidencing such Warrants or shares shall bear a legend substantially similar to that set forth in Section 3.1.
Other Consideration. In addition to any fees that may be payable to the Financial Advisor hereunder and regardless of whether any Transaction or Financing is consummated: