Budget Sample Clauses

Budget. 1. The Grantee budget for grant activities for the 2022 Summer Program and State fiscal year 2023 is $1,230,015. Any funds received under this grant will not be used to supplant funds normally budgeted for programs or service of the same or similar type.
Budget. The Budget is a schedule of anticipated grant expenditures that is approved by Grantor for carrying out the purposes of the Award. When Grantee or third parties support a portion of expenses associated with the Award, the Budget includes the non-federal as well as the federal share (and State share if applicable) of grant expenses. The Budget submitted by Grantee at application, or a revised Budget subsequently submitted and approved by Grantor, is considered final and is incorporated herein by reference.
Budget. Consulting Engineer/Architect shall advise City if, in its opinion, the amount budgeted for construction is not sufficient to adequately design and construct the improvement as requested.
Budget. The Company shall supply to the Agent in sufficient copies for all the Lenders as soon as the same become available but in any event within 30 days from the start of each of its Financial Years, an annual Budget for that Financial Year.
Budget. The initial budget shall be approved by the Board. The Board may revise the budget from time to time through an Authority Document as may be reasonably necessary to address contingencies and unexpected expenses. All subsequent budgets of the Authority shall be prepared and approved by the Board in accordance with the Operating Rules and Regulations.
Budget. All Work assigned and completed under this Work Order shall be executed for an amount not to exceed $43,627,036.71, and each Project will be completed in accordance with the pricing outlined in the Pricing section of this Work Order. Contractor shall submit invoices to the GLO in accordance with the terms of this Work Order and Section 3.02 and Attachment D of the Contract; however, additional procedures for draw requests may be adopted as directed by the GLO. Invoices may be submitted no more than twice a month and may only be submitted following the Progress (50%) Inspection or Final (100%) Inspection of a Project, as defined in Attachment D of the Contract. The GLO shall ensure that all deliverables, duties, and/or responsibilities in this Work Order are completed prior to the disbursement of funds. In addition to other damages in the Contract and/or Work Order, liquidated damages of $100 per day shall be assessed if Contractor does not complete a Project within 120 days of the issuance of a Notice to Proceed. Contractor shall at no time subcontract more than 50% of the Project (by cost) to a single subcontractor without prior written permission from the GLO. REMAINDER OF XXXX INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK NONEXCLUSIVE LIST OF APPLICABLE LAWS, RULES, AND REGULATIONS If applicable to the Project, Provider must be in compliance with the following laws, rules, and regulations; and any other state, federal, or local laws, rules, and regulations as may become applicable throughout the term of the Contract, and Provider acknowledges that this list may not include all such applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Provider and is deemed to have read and understands the requirements of each of the following, if applicable to the Project under this Contract:
Budget. The total amount of this Contract will not exceed $2,602,223.00. Grantee is not required to provide matching funds. All expenditures under the Contract will be in accordance with ATTACHMENT B, BUDGET.
Budget. The total value of this Contract will not exceed $3,194,064.00. This includes the System Agency’s share of $1,597,032.00 and Xxxxxxx’s required match amount of $1,597,032.00. All expenditures under the Contract will be in accordance with the provisions outlined in Attachment B, Budget and Targets.
Budget. A work authorization budget shall set forth in detail (1) a list of the work to be performed;