Budget Sample Clauses

Budget. The Company shall supply to the Agent in sufficient copies for all the Lenders as soon as the same become available but in any event within 30 days from the start of each of its Financial Years, an annual Budget for that Financial Year.
Budget. The Budget is a schedule of anticipated grant expenditures that is approved by Grantor for carrying out the purposes of the Award. When Grantee or third parties support a portion of expenses associated with the Award, the Budget includes the non-federal as well as the federal share (and State share if applicable) of grant expenses. The Budget submitted by Grantee at application, or a revised Budget subsequently submitted and approved by Grantor, is considered final and is incorporated herein by reference.
Budget. No later than five Business Days following the delivery by the Borrower of the financial statements required under Section 9.1(a), beginning at the time of the delivery of such financial statements for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2017, a detailed quarterly budget of the Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries in reasonable detail for the current fiscal year as customarily prepared by management of the Borrower for its internal use (but including, in any event, only a projected consolidated statement of income of the Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries for the current fiscal year and not a projected consolidated balance sheet or statement of projected cash flow) and setting forth the principal assumptions upon which such budget is based (provided, that no such budgets shall be required to be delivered for the fiscal year which began January 1, 2017). It is understood and agreed that any financial or business projections furnished by any Credit Party (i)(A) are subject to significant uncertainties and contingencies, which may be beyond the control of the Credit Parties, (B) no assurance is given by the Credit Parties that the results or forecast in any such projections will be realized and (C) the actual results may differ from the forecast results set forth in such projections and such differences may be material and (ii) are not a guarantee of performance.
Budget. (a) Manager will submit to Owner for Owner’s approval, an initial capital and operating budget (the “Initial Budget”) for the first fiscal year (or partial fiscal year as appropriate) on or before January 31, 2009 Manager shall submit to RREM for Owner’s approval no later than sixty (60) days prior to the beginning of each successive Fiscal Year the Budget for the ensuing Fiscal Year. Manager shall provide RREM with such information regarding the Budget as may be, from time to time, reasonably requested by RREM. Upon receipt of the Budget from Manager, RREM shall promptly deliver the Budget to Owner. Owner shall approve or object to the Budget. Manager may proceed under the terms of the proposed Budget for items that are not objected to and may take any action with respect to items not approved if the expenditure is (i) less than Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($2,500), (ii) is, in the Manager’s reasonable judgment, required to avoid personal injury, significant property damage, a default under any loan encumbering the Project, a violation of applicable law or the suspension of a service or (iii) non-discretionary items such as real estate taxes, insurance or utilities. In the event that the items that are objected to are operational expenditures (but not including real estate taxes, insurance, utilities and similar items that cannot be controlled by Manager), as opposed to capital expenditures, Manager shall be entitled to oversee and supervise the operation of the Project using the prior year’s budget until the approval is obtained. If the Budget is not approved, upon the request of RREM, Manager will prepare and deliver to RREM, a revised Budget for the Fiscal Year.
Budget. 1. The Grantee budget for grant activities for the 2022 Summer Program and State fiscal year 2023 is $1,133,889. Any funds received under this grant will not be used to supplant funds normally budgeted for programs or service of the same or similar type.
Budget. On or prior to sixty (60) days after the end of each calendar year, forecasted financial projections for Spark and its Subsidiaries for the then upcoming fiscal year (on a month-by-month basis), a projected consolidated balance sheet of Spark and its Subsidiaries as of the end of the following fiscal year, the related consolidated statements of projected cash flow and projected income and a description of the underlying assumptions applicable thereto, and in each case prepared by management of the Loan Parties in good faith based upon reasonable assumptions, consistent in scope with the financial statements provided pursuant to Section 8.01(c) and setting forth the principal assumptions on which such projections are based (each such projections and the projections delivered as of the Closing Date pursuant to Section 5.10(c), being referred to as a “Budget”).