The Danish Sample Clauses

The Danish. Energy Agency shall release the guarantee not later than one month after the Beneficiary has documented grid connection of 95 % (per- cent) of the total installed capacity covered by the Price-Premium Contract.
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The Danish. Energy Agency may refuse to consent to a transfer if there is an objective reason.
The Danish. Energy Agency is under all circumstances entitled to reject a request for consent to exit or replacement of the supporting economic operator if, according to an assessment by the Danish Energy Agency, said replacement or exit cannot be allowed under the relevant tendering and procurement rules, the state aid rules and the rules for the relevant licences and authorisation to construct and/or operate an offshore wind farm in Denmark.
The Danish. Energy Agency is entitled to request from the Concessionaire any additional document deemed relevant by the Danish Energy Agency for assessment of the desired change.
The Danish. Tenant and the Swiss Tenant and each relevant Business Purchaser shall immediately after today's date make application for and each use their respective Best Endeavours to obtain the consent of the relevant landlords to the grant of the underleases to be granted pursuant to this clause 20.16 without a condition of that consent being that Security is provided to the relevant landlord by the relevant Business Purchaser.
The Danish. Rent Act (S)20 The rules of the Danish Rent Act shall apply to this lease provided that they have not been departed from in any of the preceding sections. It is emphasized that the Lessee is aware that the rules in this contract depart from the rules of the legislation, and thus, the agreement confers more extensive obligations on the Lessee and less extensive rights on the part of the Lessee as opposed to the Lessor than provided for in legislation. The general lease conditions applicable at any time for the independent institution the Science Park in Horsholm shall also apply to this lease. Special Conditions (S)21 The Lessee has an option of renting an additional space of 335 m2 (inclusive of shares space) on the ground floor and 467 m2 (inclusive of shared space) on the first floor. If the Lessee wishes to take advantage of this option the Lessor shall be notified not less than 6 months prior to the date on which the Lessee wants to take possession of the space. The space shall be reserved for the Lessee for not more than one year so that the Lessor shall be notified of any exercise of the option not later than 31 October 2000. The final rent for the space shall be negotiated in connection with the possible exercise of the option and the decoration and renovation of the space. ----------oOo----------

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  • Right to Have Xxxxxxx Present (a) An employee shall have the right to have their xxxxxxx present at any discussion with supervisory personnel which the employee believes might be the basis of disciplinary action. Where a supervisor intends to interview an employee for disciplinary purposes, the supervisor shall make every effort to notify the employee in advance of the purpose of the interview in order that the employee may contact their xxxxxxx, providing that this does not result in an undue delay of the appropriate action being taken. This clause shall not apply to those discussions that are of an operational nature and do not involve disciplinary action.

  • The Front end Fee payable by the Borrower shall be equal to one quarter of one percent (0.25%) of the Loan amount.

  • Understanding of Risks Purchaser is fully aware of: (a) the highly speculative nature of the investment in the Shares; (b) the financial hazards involved; (c) the lack of liquidity of the Shares and the restrictions on transferability of the Shares (e.g., that Purchaser may not be able to sell or dispose of the Shares or use them as collateral for loans); (d) the qualifications and backgrounds of the management of the Company; and (e) the tax consequences of investment in the Shares.

  • Conditions for International Processing SAP shall be entitled to process Personal Data, including by using Subprocessors, in accordance with this DPA outside the country in which the Customer is located as permitted under Data Protection Law.

  • The FTPS Unit Servicing Agent shall distribute to redeeming FTPS Unit holders of record on its books redemption proceeds it receives pursuant to Section 5.02 of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Trust from the Trustee as the sole record owner of FTPS Units on the Trustee's books.

  • YOUR BILLING RIGHTS - KEEP THIS NOTICE FOR FUTURE USE This notice tells you about your rights and our responsibilities under the Fair Credit Billing Act.

  • Evaluation of Risks The Investor has such knowledge and experience in financial tax and business matters as to be capable of evaluating the merits and risks of, and bearing the economic risks entailed by, an investment in the Company and of protecting its interests in connection with this transaction. It recognizes that its investment in the Company involves a high degree of risk.

  • Comptroller General Examination of Record The Contractor shall comply with the provisions of this paragraph (d) if this contract was awarded using other than sealed bid, is in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold, as defined in FAR 2.101, on the date of award of this contract, and does not contain the clause at 52.215-2, Audit and Records-Negotiation.

  • Assumption of Risks The Borrower assumes all risks of the acts or omissions of any beneficiary of any Letter of Credit or any transferee thereof with respect to its use of such Letter of Credit. Neither the Issuing Bank (except in the case of gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Issuing Bank or any of its employees), its correspondents nor any Lender shall be responsible for the validity, sufficiency or genuineness of certificates or other documents or any endorsements thereon, even if such certificates or other documents should in fact prove to be invalid, insufficient, fraudulent or forged; for errors, omissions, interruptions or delays in transmissions or delivery of any messages by mail, telex, or otherwise, whether or not they be in code; for errors in translation or for errors in interpretation of technical terms; the validity or sufficiency of any instrument transferring or assigning or purporting to transfer or assign any Letter of Credit or the rights or benefits thereunder or proceeds thereof, in whole or in part, which may prove to be invalid or ineffective for any reason; the failure of any beneficiary or any transferee of any Letter of Credit to comply fully with conditions required in order to draw upon any Letter of Credit; or for any other consequences arising from causes beyond the Issuing Bank’s control or the control of the Issuing Bank’s correspondents. In addition, neither the Issuing Bank, the Administrative Agent nor any Lender shall be responsible for any error, neglect, or default of any of the Issuing Bank’s correspondents; and none of the above shall affect, impair or prevent the vesting of any of the Issuing Bank’s, the Administrative Agent’s or any Lender’s rights or powers hereunder or under the Letter of Credit Agreements, all of which rights shall be cumulative. The Issuing Bank and its correspondents may accept certificates or other documents that appear on their face to be in order, without responsibility for further investigation of any matter contained therein regardless of any notice or information to the contrary. In furtherance and not in limitation of the foregoing provisions, the Borrower agrees that any action, inaction or omission taken or not taken by the Issuing Bank or by any correspondent for the Issuing Bank in good faith in connection with any Letter of Credit, or any related drafts, certificates, documents or instruments, shall be binding on the Borrower and shall not put the Issuing Bank or its correspondents under any resulting liability to the Borrower.

  • NOW, WHEREFORE in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants set forth in this Agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto agree as follows:

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