Staff Reduction Sample Clauses

Staff Reduction. It is hereby specifically recognized that it is within the sole discretion of the Board to reduce its educational program; curriculum and/or staff and that the procedures set forth in this article shall be used in laying off personnel.
Staff Reduction. Where the Board decides to reduce staff, it shall do so in accordance with the following:
Staff Reduction. In the event the District adopts a reduced educational program by reason of financial necessity, including but not limited to, levy failure and/or decreased State or Federal support, certificated employees who will be retained to implement the District’s reduced or modified program and those certificated employees who will be non-renewed from employment or adversely affected in contract status shall be identified by the provisions contained in this Article. If the District is only reducing provisional employees, the following procedures do not need to be implemented.
Staff Reduction. ‌ In the event the Board decides to reduce the number of teachers through layoff, or reduce the number of teachers in a given subject area, field or program, or eliminate or consolidate positions, the following procedure shall be followed:
Staff Reduction. A. The employer shall take into account attrition and possible transfers to determine whether a lay-off is necessary. In the event the employer determines that employees must be laid off, the following procedures will be followed:
Staff Reduction. Whenever the Employer decides it is necessary to reduce staff at one or more of its locations, employees will be laid off in reverse order of seniority by classification at each location affected, provided that those employees remaining are qualified to perform the work required.
Staff Reduction. A. When a reduction in the working force is necessary, Bargaining Unit Members shall be laid off in accordance with their seniority in that classification; that is, the employee with the least seniority in that classification shall be laid off first. In the selection of employees for layoff, the School District shall retain those Bargaining Unit Members with the greatest classification seniority provided they are properly qualified and physically able to perform the available work.
Staff Reduction. In the event of a reduction in part-time staff in any classification, such reduction shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 and/or Article 18.
Staff Reduction. When it is necessary to invoke staff reduction, it shall be accomplished, whenever possible, by natural attrition.