Completion Sample Clauses

Completion. The Subcontractor will be required, unless otherwise stated under the terms of this Agreement, to complete the Services: (choose one) ☐ - By the Specific date of ______________________, 20____. ☐ - In accordance with industry standards. ☐ - Other: ________________________________________________________
Completion. Details of any changes to the proposed date of completion of renovation and the reasons for such changes; and
Completion. Reports, plans, specifications, and supporting documents shall be submitted by Engineer on or before the dates specified in the applicable Work Authorization or Supplemental Work Authorization related thereto. Upon receipt of same, the submission shall be checked for completion. "Completion" or “Complete” shall be defined as all of the required items, as set out in the applicable Work Authorization, have been included in compliance with the requirements of this Contract. The completeness of any Engineering Services submitted to County shall be determined by County within thirty (30) days of such submittal and County shall notify Engineer in writing within such thirty (30) day period if such Engineering Services have been found to be incomplete. If the submission is Complete, County shall notify Engineer and County’s technical review process will begin. If the submission is not Complete, County shall notify Engineer, who shall perform such professional services as are required to complete the Engineering Services and resubmit it to County. This process shall be repeated until a submission is Complete.
Completion. (a) When Landlord receives written certification from Architect that construction of the Tenant Improvements and Landlord’s Work has been completed in accordance with the Approved TI Plans and Section 3(e) below (except for Punch List Work), Landlord shall prepare and deliver to Tenant a certificate (or separate certificates for the Tenant Improvements and Landlord’s Work) signed by Landlord, Architect and General Contractor (the “Substantial Completion Certificate”) (i) certifying that the construction of the Tenant Improvements and Landlord’s Work has been substantially completed in a good and workmanlike manner in accordance with the Approved TI Plans and Section 3(e) below in all material respects, subject only to completion of Punch List Work, and specifying the date of that completion, and (ii) certifying that the Tenant Improvements and Landlord’s Work comply in all material respects with all laws, rules, regulations, codes, ordinances, requirements, covenants, conditions and restrictions applicable thereto at the time of such delivery. Upon receipt by Tenant of the Substantial Completion Certificate and tender of possession of the Premises by Landlord to Tenant, and receipt of any certificate of occupancy or its legal equivalent, or other required sign-offs from any applicable governmental authority, allowing the legal occupancy of the Premises, the Tenant Improvements will be deemed delivered to Tenant and “Ready for Occupancy” for all purposes of the Lease (subject to Landlord’s continuing obligations with respect to any Punch List Work, and to any other express obligations of Landlord under the Lease or this Tenant Work Letter with respect to such Tenant Improvements).
Completion. 20.1 When the entire Work (or any portion thereof designated in writing by Owner) is ready for its intended use, Contractor shall notify Project Manager in writing that the entire Work (or such designated portion) is substantially complete. Within a reasonable time thereafter, Owner, Contractor and Design Professional shall make an inspection of the Work (or designated portion thereof) to determine the status of completion. If Owner, after conferring with the Design Professional, does not consider the Work (or designated portion) substantially complete, Project Manager shall notify Contractor in writing giving the reasons therefore. If Owner, after conferring with the Design Professional, considers the Work (or designated portion) substantially complete, Project Manager shall prepare and deliver to Contractor a Certificate of Substantial Completion which shall fix the date of Substantial Completion for the entire Work (or designated portion thereof) and include a tentative punch-list of items to be completed or corrected by Contractor before final payment. Owner shall have the right to exclude Contractor from the Work and Project site (or designated portion thereof) after the date of Substantial Completion, but Owner shall allow Contractor reasonable access to complete or correct items on the tentative punch-list. The Project Manager, shall coordinate with the Contractor the return of any surplus assets, including materials, supplies, and equipment.
Completion. 5.1 Completion shall take place on the Completion Date at the offices of the Buyer’s Solicitors (or at any other place as may be agreed in writing by the parties).
Completion. Tenant acknowledges and agrees that the Tenant Improvement Work may be performed during Building Hours before or after the Extension Date. Landlord and Tenant shall cooperate with each other in order to enable the Tenant Improvement Work to be performed in a timely manner and with as little inconvenience to the operation of Tenant’s business as is reasonably possible. Notwithstanding any contrary provision of this Agreement, any delay in the completion of the Tenant Improvement Work or inconvenience suffered by Tenant during the performance of the Tenant Improvement Work shall not delay the Extension Date, nor shall it subject Landlord to any liability for any loss or damage resulting therefrom or entitle Tenant to any credit, abatement or adjustment of rent or other sums payable under the Lease.