As Employee Sample Clauses

As Employee. Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute an employment agreement or arrangement between the Optionee and the Company nor shall give the Optionee any rights as an employee.
As Employee. The term of Executive's employment with the Company shall be for a period commencing on the date hereof and ending on December 31, 2004.
As Employee. At all times during the Employment Period, Employee shall be deemed to be an employee of Employer for purposes of determining Employee's coverage under and eligibility to participate in, any employee benefit plans or programs which Employer now has or may hereafter initiate. In the event it is necessary to amend any such plan or program in order to assure that Employee is not discriminated against thereunder, Employer will promptly use its best efforts to make all such amendments or cause the same to be made.

Related to As Employee

  • An Employee (a) who is sent home at any time or times during the week because of lack of work or inclement weather, or

  • Regular Employee Seniority for a regular employee is defined as the length of the employee’s continuous employment (whether full-time or part-time) from the date of commencement of regular employment, plus any seniority accrued, while working as a casual employee of the Employer.

  • Part-Time Employee A new or reemployed part-time employee in a regular or limited-term position shall be placed on a new probation period for two thousand eighty (2080) paid hours exclusive of overtime, ending with the first day of the pay period following completion of said period.

  • Casual Employee Seniority for a casual employee is defined as the total number of hours worked by the employee at the worksite up to a maximum of the annual full-time equivalent 1879.2 hours per year. A regular employee who terminates her employment and is rehired by the same Employer as a casual employee within thirty (30) calendar days shall retain her seniority accrued as a regular employee.

  • Active/Inactive Employee If you are covered under another plan as an active employee, your benefits and those of your dependents under that plan will be determined before benefits under this plan. The plan covering the active employee and dependents will be the primary plan. The plan covering that same employee as inactive (including those who are retired or have been laid off) will be the secondary plan for that employee and dependents.

  • Regular Part-Time Employee A regular part-time employee is one who works less than full-time on a regularly scheduled basis. Regular part-time employees accumulate seniority on an hourly basis and are entitled to all benefits outlined in this Collective Agreement.

  • Key Employee Any Employee or former Employee (and the Beneficiary of any such Employee) who at any time during the determination period was (1) an officer of the Employer whose annual Compensation exceeds 50 percent of the dollar limitation under Section 415(b)(1)(A) of the Code, (2) an owner (or considered an owner under Section 318 of the Code) of one of the ten largest interests in the Employer if such individual's annual Compensation exceeds the dollar limitation under Section 415(c)(1)(A) of the Code, (3) a 5-percent owner of the Employer, or (4) a 1-percent owner of the Employer who has annual Compensation of more than $150,000. For purposes of this paragraph, the determination period is the Plan Year containing the Determination Date and the four preceding Plan Years. The determination of who is a Key Employee shall be made in accordance with Section 416(i)(1) of the Code and the regulations thereunder. Annual Compensation means compensation as defined in Section 5.03(e)(2), but including amounts contributed by the Employer pursuant to a salary reduction agreement which are excludable from the employee's gross income under Section 125, Section 402(a)(8), and Section 403(b) of the Code.

  • Term Employee Term employee means a new person employed without seniority for a specific time period or until the completion of a particular project in compliance with funding provided for that position or project. At the expiry of said term the employment of such employee shall be terminated unless the term employee is immediately hired as a full-time or part-time employee at which time the term employee's original starting date shall be utilized to establish their seniority.

  • Long-Term Disability (Employee Paid Plans)

  • Leave When Employment Terminates When an employee dies or otherwise ceases to be employed, the employee's estate or the employee shall be paid an amount equal to the product obtained by multiplying the number of days of earned but unused vacation leave with pay to his or her credit by the daily rate of pay applicable to the authorized classification of the employee immediately prior to the termination of the employee's employment.