Borrower will Sample Clauses

Borrower will. (i) Furnish Bank from time to time such financial statements and information as Bank may reasonably request and inform Bank immediately upon the occurrence of a material adverse change therein; (ii) Furnish Bank periodically, in such form and detail and at such times as Bank may require, statements showing aging and reconciliation of the Accounts and collections thereon, and reports as to the Inventory and sales thereof; (iii) Permit representatives of Bank to inspect the Inventory and Borrower's books and records relating to the Collateral and make extracts therefrom at any reasonable time and to arrange for verification of the Accounts, under reasonable procedures, acceptable to Bank, directly with the account debtors or otherwise at Borrower's expense; (iv) Promptly notify Bank of any attachment or other legal process levied against any of the Collateral and any information received by Borrower relative to the Collateral, including the Accounts, the account debtors or other persons obligated in connection therewith, which may in any way affect the value of the Collateral or the rights and remedies of Bank in respect thereto; (v) Reimburse Bank upon demand for any and all legal costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, and other expense incurred in collecting any sums payable by Borrower under Borrower's Loan Account or any other obligation secured hereby, enforcing any term or provision of this Security Agreement or otherwise or in the checking, handling and collection of the Collateral and the preparation and enforcement of any agreement relating thereto; (vi) Notify Bank of each location at which the Inventory is or will be kept, other than for temporary processing, storage or similar purposes, and of any removal thereof to a new location and of each office of Borrower at which records of Borrower relating to the Accounts are kept; (vii) Provide, maintain and deliver to Bank policies insuring the Collateral against loss or damage by such risks and in such amounts, forms and companies as Bank may require and with loss payable solely to Bank, and, in the event Bank takes possession of the Collateral, the insurance policy or policies and any unearned or returned premium thereon shall at the option of Bank become the sole property of Bank, such policies and the proceeds of any other insurance covering or in any way relating to the Collateral, whether now in existence or hereafter obtained, being hereby assigned to Bank; (viii) Do all acts necessary to ...
Borrower will. (i) timely file or caused to be timely filed (after giving effect to any extension duly obtained), all material notifications, reports, submissions, Permit renewals and reports (other than cost reports as provided in Section 8.3(a)(ii) below) of every kind whatsoever required by Healthcare Laws (which reports will be materially accurate and complete in all material respects and not misleading in any respect and shall not remain open or unsettled); and
Borrower will. (i) promptly notify Lender of the receipt by Borrower of any notice from the Condominium Board or the owner of any other Unit not owned by Borrower, asserting or claiming a default by Borrower under the Condominium Documents or lack of compliance by Borrower with the Condominium Documents, in each case where such assertion or claim, or the alleged default or lack of compliance, would reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect;
Borrower will. (a) preserve and maintain its legal existence and all of its material rights, privileges, licenses and franchises (provided that nothing in this Section 7.03(a) shall prohibit any transaction expressly permitted under Section 7.04 hereof);
Borrower will. (i) Have a ratio of Total Liabilities to Net Worth of not more than 0.80 to 1 as of the end of each fiscal quarter during the Term hereof. For purposes of this subsection (i) only, "
Borrower will. 6.1 Maintain its corporate existence and good standing in its jurisdictions of incorporation and maintain its qualification to do business in each jurisdiction necessary to Borrower’s business or operations.
Borrower will. 8.3.1 Join with Lender in executing such financing statements prior to the delivery of the Secured Note or in the future (including amendments thereto and continuation statements thereof) in form satisfactory to Lender as Lender may specify;
Borrower will. (a) pay to Lender on demand all usual and customary fees and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses which Lender incurs in connection with (i) the forwarding of 23 Loan proceeds and (ii) the establishment and maintenance of any lockbox account as provided for in paragraph 6.9. Lender may, without making demand, charge Borrower's account for all such fees and expenses.