Definition of Tax Refund

Tax Refund means a refund of Taxes previously paid and any overpayment interest within the meaning of Section 6611 of the Code or any similar provision under applicable Tax Law (whether paid by way of a refund or credited against any liability for related Taxes).

Examples of Tax Refund in a sentence

For purposes of this Agreement, a Tax Benefit (other than a Tax Refund) shall be considered used or received (i) at the time the Tax Return is filed with respect to such Tax Benefit, or (ii) if no Tax Return is filed, (x) at the time a Tax Refund generated by use of such Tax Benefit is received or (y) if no Tax Refund is received, at the time the Tax would have been due in the absence of such Tax Benefit.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in this Lease or otherwise, except as otherwise expressly provided in the Bankruptcy Plan relative to the Tax Refund Escrow Agreement, Lessor shall not be required to pay, make or give to Tenant, and Tenant shall not be entitled to, any credits, offsets, prorations or payments of any kind or nature whatsoever on account of any payment, nonpayment or other event occurring prior to the Existing Lease Effective Date.
If a member of the Splitco Group receives a Tax Refund with respect to Taxes for which Distributing is liable hereunder or uses a Tax Benefit for which Distributing is entitled to reimbursement pursuant to clause (iii) of Section 2.1(b), Splitco shall pay to Distributing, within five business days following the receipt of the Tax Refund or the use of such Tax Benefit, an amount equal to such Tax Refund or Tax Benefit.
The amounts paid under this Agreement shall be redetermined, and additional payments relating to such redetermination shall be made, as appropriate, if as a result of an audit by a Tax Authority or for any other reason (x) additional Taxes to which such determination relates are subsequently paid, (y) a Tax Refund or a Tax Benefit relating to such Taxes is received or used, or (z) the amount or character of any Tax Item is adjusted or redetermined.
Seller and Buyer agree to notify the other in writing of any receipt of a Tax Refund within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of such Tax Refund.