Future Taxes Sample Clauses

Future Taxes. Pay all taxes and other governmental assessments as the same shall become due, excepting only taxes and governmental assessments which the Borrower or any Significant Subsidiary is contesting in good faith and for which the Borrower or any Significant Subsidiary has set aside adequate reserves, including reserves for interest with respect thereto in the manner provided hereafter.
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Future Taxes. 30 Section 5.5 Legal Existence, Properties, Stock Ownership and Solvency....................30 Section 5.6 Warranties and Conditions.................31 Section 5.7
Future Taxes. If, hereafter, any law or ordinance shall be adopted imposing a tax directly or indirectly on Lender with respect to the Mortgaged Property, the value of Borrower’s equity therein, or the Debt secured by this Deed of Trust, Lender, at its election, shall have the right at any time after the tax has been imposed to give Borrower written notice declaring that the the principal debt, with interest and other appropriate charges shall be due on a specified date not less than sixty (60) days thereafter which notice shall specify the nature of the tax which is the basis for acceleration; provided, however, that such election shall be ineffective if, prior to the specified date, Borrower lawfully pays the tax (in addition to all other payments required hereunder) and agrees to pay the tax whenever it becomes due and payable thereafter, which agreement shall then constitute a part of this Deed of Trust.
Future Taxes. PURCHASER shall pay all general taxes accruing, and all special taxes and assessments becoming due, upon the subject property for the period beginning January 1 of the year 2018.
Future Taxes. If at any time during the term of the Contract, any governmental authority; (federal, state or local) imposes taxes which were not in effect as of the commencement date of the Contract that in the sole judgment of the Party affected are unduly burdensome or unacceptable then such Party, not later than the earlier of thirty (30) days after learning of such tax or the effective date of such tax, shall initiate a good faith effort to negotiate with the other Party to modify this Contract to cure the effect of such unduly burdensome or unacceptable tax. If no such cure is agreed upon prior to one (1) day prior to the effective date of the tax, the affected Party may cancel and terminate this Contract effective one (1) day prior to the effective date of the tax. In the event of such termination, the Parties agree that all Gas received by Buyer hereunder prior to cessation of deliveries shall be paid for by Buyer at the rate in effect at the time such Gas was received by Buyer and that any other penalties or charges provided for herein on such Gas shall be paid by the owing Party as herein provided.
Future Taxes. A. CyberMalls, Inc. is not responsible for taxes on Virtual Property: The parties also acknowledge that in the future, virtual malls may be subjected to a variety of tax obligations from one or more regulatory or governmental agencies. It is understood that should virtual malls, as defined and described in this Agreement, be assessed or obliged to pay additional taxes beyond what are assessed at the date of this Agreement, virtual mall owner shall assume responsibility for such taxes associated with construction, development, operation and/or revenues derived therefrom. Client and CFI acknowledge that CyberMalls shall not be liable to pay any future tax assessments associated with virtual mall.
Future Taxes. Although no taxes are currently charged to Wholesalers at the time this agreement was written, in the event that taxes are imposed upon IKANO Communications, then they will be passed along to the Wholesaler. In that event Wholesaler may be charged sales tax unless they have provided IKANO Communications with a Wholesaler certificate issued by a state or territory of the United States or other such documentation as is acceptable to IKANO Communications in its sole discretion that proves Wholesaler is exempt from such taxes for the transactions contemplated hereunder. Price Changes. IKANO Communications shall have the right to change prices listed in Exhibit B with thirty (30) days notice, and that such new pricing is effective immediately upon transmission by FAX or e-mail from IKANO Communications to Wholesaler, or at such time that new rates are posted on the DNAmail website.
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Future Taxes. Pay all taxes and governmental assessments as the same shall become due excepting only taxes and governmental assessments which are being contested in good faith. Except as provided in the immediately preceding sentence, failure to pay taxes or assessments before they become delinquent shall constitute an Event of Default under this Agreement, at the option of Lender. If the same shall not be promptly paid, Lender may, at any time before or after delinquency, pay the same without waiving or affecting any right hereunder and every payment so made shall bear interest from the date thereof at the Default Rate. Nothing to the contrary herein contained shall require Borrower to pay and discharge any such taxes, assessments, charges, levies or claims so long as Borrower in good faith shall contest the validity thereof, and shall set aside adequate reserves, including reserves for interest and penalties with respect thereto.
Future Taxes. As between themselves only, Transferee and Transferor agree that Transferee shall be liable for all Property Taxes due and payable in any year the first day of which occurs on or after the date this Agreement is signed by all Transferees and all Transferors.
Future Taxes. Section 5.01 Liberty shall be solely liable for any future sales, excise or other tax arising from service to Granite Ridge for gas sold or transported under this Agreement which Liberty may hereafter be required to pay or collect under any federal, state or local law and Liberty agrees that the price payable under this Agreement includes any such taxes currently payable in connection with such service.
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