Monthly Report Sample Clauses

Monthly Report. A. A Monthly Report shall be submitted within ten (10) calendar days of the end of each calendar month of the Period of Operation. Each Monthly Report shall be signed, dated, and certified by Concessionaire, Concessionaire’s Bookkeeper, or Accountant, and contain a Statement of Total Gross Receipts, excluding New Jersey State Sales Tax, derived by Concessionaire from operation of the Concession during the previous month. Each Monthly Report shall be based on the daily “Z” tapes or Point-of-Service (POS) device equivalent for that same month showing each day’s sales activity. Failure on the part of Concessionaire to provide the Monthly Report, when due, shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement subject to Suspension of Operations and/or Termination, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in Paragraphs 9 and 10. Concessionaire shall provide Department with any additional written clarification and/or information necessary to confirm the accuracy of any or all of Concessionaire’s Monthly Reports.
Monthly Report. With respect to each Determination Date and the related Settlement Period, the Servicer will provide to the Borrower, the Backup Servicer, each Managing Agent and the Administrative Agent, on the related Reporting Date, a monthly statement (a “Monthly Report”) signed by a Responsible Officer of the Servicer and substantially in the form of Exhibit E. Except as otherwise set forth in the Backup Servicing Agreement, the Backup Servicer shall have no obligation to review any information in the Monthly Report.
Monthly Report. The Collateral Agent shall prepare (based on information provided to it by the Collateral Manager, the Agent, the Lender Agents and the Lenders as set forth herein) a Monthly Report in the form of Exhibit D determined as of the close of business on each Determination Date and make available such Monthly Report to the Agent, each Lender Agent, the Borrower and the Collateral Manager on each Reporting Date starting with the Reporting Date in October 2021. If any party receiving any Monthly Report disagrees with any items of such report, it shall contact the Collateral Agent and notify it of such disputed item and provide reasonably sufficient information to correct such item, with (if other than the Agent) a copy of such notice and information to the Agent, each Lender Agent and the Collateral Manager. If the Collateral Agent agrees with any such correction and unless the Collateral Agent is otherwise timely directed by the Agent, the Collateral Agent shall distribute a revised Monthly Report on the Business Day after it receives such information. If the Collateral Agent does not agree with any such correction or it is directed by the Agent that the Collateral Agent should not make such correction, then the Collateral Agent shall take such action as instructed by the Agent and shall have no responsibilities with respect to the applicable Monthly Report. The Agent’s reasonable determination with regard to any disputed item in the Monthly Report shall be final. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in connection with the preparation of a Monthly Report, the Agent and the Lender Agents shall be responsible for providing to the Collateral Agent the information required by Section 3.4 for part (d) of Exhibit D for such Monthly Report on which the Collateral Agent may conclusively rely. The Agent shall review and verify the contents of the aforesaid reports (including the Monthly Report), instructions, statements and certificates. Upon receipt of approval from the Agent, such reports, instructions, statements and certificates shall be executed by the Borrower and the Collateral Manager and, in the case of the Monthly Report, the Collateral Agent shall make the distributions required by Section 8.3 pursuant to such Monthly Report.
Monthly Report. With every monthly billing, Consultant shall provide the City Representative with a written statement of the status of the work with respect to the Scope of Work, time sheets, and work schedule. Failure to provide the required monthly report will delay processing of any payment request until the report is submitted.
Monthly Report. Commencing with the month during which the Commercial Operations Date is achieved, and for each calendar month thereafter during the Term, Seller shall prepare and provide to Company a Monthly Report by the tenth (10th) Business Day of the following month in accordance with Section 1 (Monthly Report) of Attachment T (Monthly Reporting and Dispute Resolution by Independent AF Evaluator) of this Agreement. Beginning with the Monthly Report for the last calendar month of the initial Contract Year, Seller shall include calculations of, as applicable, (a) the Modified Pooled OMC Equipment Availability Factor for the LD Period, (b) the Performance Index for the PI Assessment Period, (c) any of the XXXX Capacity Ratio, the XXXX Annual Equivalent Availability Factor or the XXXX Equivalent Forced Outage Factor for the XXXX Measurement Period (if any), as well as (d) any liquidated damages to be assessed, as set forth in the form of Monthly Report set forth in Section 1 (Monthly Report) of said Attachment T (Monthly Reporting and Dispute Resolution by Independent AF Evaluator). The rights and obligations of the Parties with respect to each Monthly Report and any disagreements arising out of any Monthly Report are set forth in Section 1 (Monthly Report) and Section 2 (Monthly Report Disagreements) of Attachment T (Monthly Reporting and Dispute Resolution by Independent AF Evaluator) to this Agreement.
Monthly Report. On each Determination Date, the Servicer shall deliver to the Deal Agent, each Liquidity Agent and the Collateral Agent a report in substantially the form of Exhibit C attached hereto (the “Monthly Report”) for the related Collection Period. The Deal Agent shall provide to the Borrower, the Servicer and the Backup Servicer by the third Business Day prior to each Payment Date, information relating to the amount of each obligation which comprises Carrying Costs, Increased Costs, Indemnified Amounts and Additional Amounts for such Collection Period. The Monthly Report shall specify whether an Amortization Event, Termination Event or Unmatured Termination Event has occurred with respect to the Collection Period preceding such Determination Date. Upon receipt of the Monthly Report, the Deal Agent and the Collateral Agent shall rely (and shall be fully protected in so relying) on the information contained therein for the purposes of making distributions and allocations as provided for herein. Each Monthly Report shall be certified by a Responsible Officer of the Servicer.
Monthly Report. The Organizer shall submit to the Charter Schools Director by the fifteenth (15th) day of the following month any of the following that apply and, if none of the following applies, the Organizer shall submit written notification to the Charter Schools Director to that effect:
Monthly Report. Commencing thirty (30) days after the date of execution of this Agreement and every thirty (30) days thereafter, Professional is required to provide the City Representative with a written report of the status of the work with respect to the Scope of Services, Work Schedule, and other material information. Failure to provide any required monthly report may, at the option of the City, suspend the processing of any partial payment request.
Monthly Report. Each Monthly Report is accurate in all material respects as of the date thereof, subject, in the case of information contained therein (which shall include any statements and calculations to the extent such statements or calculations are inaccurate solely as a result of such information) received from any un-Affiliated third party, to the standard set forth in Section 9.14 with respect to information received from an un-Affiliated third party.